Toilet Training & P B


Small steps”... I think  that ‘s what is it they say.. when you’re training a toddler to use the toilet.

Toilet Training & P B. Well – After spending a full half an hour with the my Tens machine, firmly attached to my left thigh; I went for my afternoon constitutional … Quite a pleasant trip really, not too much dust around the place and only about 25 steps, so quite achievable really.  Anyway “like a child on an Easter egg hunt” I was rewarded for my efforts; not with a chocolate egg , but another mile stone conquered, I have achieved my PB “personal best”…

I  have finally managed to figure out how to access the cloakroom, without fighting with my Rollator… My new mechanical companion and I are starting to move as one and heading towards “perfect harmony”. 

image1 2

We (the rollator and i)  turned round together, then I proceeded to pull my pants down and my skirt up (which is no mean feat) that’s why I mentioned it… there is no mechanical device that i know of that can actually do that for me.  Then the next step was to manoeuvre myself into a position that would result in locating my derrière into a comfortable spot on the loo. This exercise was not so successfully executed because I landed with a  bit of a thud… Not at all lady-like and not at all comfortable.

Must add (derrière placement practice) to my list of things to do.

Any way i am pleased to report that i managed to do a wee,  got up and washed my hands and made it safely out of the door without further incident. How  funny it is that little things like this are such achievements to me now, and OMG i am actually writing about it in this blog. Oh well hopefully it will give someone a laugh!


I came out of the cloakroom so excited and threw myself straight to my husbands arms, saying “kiss for the girl who is now potty trained”.  Another hurdle crossed. Next step is to try to do it regularly then I can get this Catheter removed. This process is called in medical terms  (TWOC) trial with out Catheter! It has to be authorised by the doctor; God only knows why,  but it makes me feel very important, knowing that i need authorisation from a medical professional before i can pee on my own.

Training continues

I Found a wall… there are quite a few in my world at the moment. But i need a wall that is clear enough so that I can stand with my back against it to try to push my bum and shoulders against it so that i can stand up straight. The only problem is that my heals raise off the floor… not really sure how or why that happens but will  ask my Physio next time.

At the moment my bum sticks out when I walk which is not a pretty sight!  I do need to sort that one out. Hubby and I are getting on much better and I have tried to make light of everything and by doing so have managed to snatch a few kisses and cuddles, each time I achieve a goal I celebrate with asking for a kiss, which so far is working out quite well.

Today’s tasks:…

  • Get up and walking to and from the kitchen three times.
  • On the way passed the cloakroom try using the toilet.
  • Place Tens machine on my left thigh for half an hour.
  • Do exercises by pulling up my left leg with my leg strap.
  • Paint nails and toes nails.
  • Moisturise any exposed skin, or any skin that I can get too.

That should keep me busy.

District nurse turn up unexpectedly,she came to change my Catheter, but as I explained a nurse changed it a couple of weeks ago, on an SOS mission because the last one had fallen out.  it turns out that she had written the details in my home folder but obviously didn’t update my records in the office. Anyway it wasn’t such a wasted trip after all because  I told her that I was taking Amoxicillin for a UTI bladder infection and for that very reason my catheter should be changed due to the risk of further infection.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a spare as it was used last time. I have replacements on order but as yet i have not received them. She called the supplier who said they had received my order request but, where still waiting for the doctors to sign the prescription. How bloody ridiculous… the nurse told me that 6 months ago they didn’t have to go though waiting for perceptions to be signed for, it was done automatically. Anyway  she has asked them to try to speed it up because it is urgently needed now. She booked in to see me next Friday and asked that if I hadn’t received the supply’s by Tuesday to chase them.

I do hope you enjoyed my attempt at a little lighthearted Toilet Humour… See you soon.


Toilet Training & P B

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