Why I spent the morning in A&E

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Why I spent the morning in A&E
It started the night before, I was in the bathroom having a wash before bedtime, when taking off my leg bag to attach my night bag I noticed blood coming from my catheter, fortunately I was sitting on the toilet at the time so saved mess on the floor, but there was quite a lot of blood which concerned me, the blood stopped coming out of the catheter but there was a blockage so nothing could come out, there must have been a clot caused by the catheter going down the side of my bladder as I explained when it was changed last time.

Bloody CatheterThe only thing I could think of doing apart from calling the (out-of-hours nurses) which I didn’t want to do, so I had a to think!… How was I going to dislodge the clot that I could clearly see due to the fact I have a clear catheter.  I put some very hot water in the sink, soaked a small muslin cloth in the water, squeezed the water out and wrapped the catheter, I continue this a few times, then as I have a syringe that fitted, I tried that a couple of times, and managed to extract two clots of blood but couldn’t do anymore so went to bed with a couple of pads in my pants i plunged myself back into my night bag and kept my fingers crossed.

The night was a disaster… I didn’t sleep much at all and kept waking up all night. By the morning everything was a very wet right though to the mattress, I was so upset that at the age of 56 I didn’t think I would be wetting the bed, so as soon as I could I called the district nurse, luckily she was in the area and was with me in 15 minutes, she told me I should have called last night and got the out of hours nurse to come out… but anyway the catheter was due to be changed because it was 5 weeks since it was change last time. She tried everything but could not get the catheter out, she even called a colleague who said I should go to A&E because if the nurse pulled and it bled too much  it would be an emergency and I would have to go to A&E by ambulance so suggested that it would be best if i go in now… the nurse called ahead to let them know I was on my way.


Well thank goodness we had already had breakfast because we had no idea how long we would be. We finally arrived at  the A&E and the receptionist was very nice and asked if we could take a seat and wait to be called… An hour and a half later my name was called out FINALLY …we were put in a cubicle and I was asked to put on a gown  and a nurse would come a see us. Another hour ticked by before the nurse came in to take my blood pressure and complete the usual forms, then the Doctor came in and managed to extract the catheter quit easily…I’m sure the gel the district nurse had put down the side of the catheter had helped, probably worked its way by the time we were seen.  I got dresses again; after the nurse put back my leg bag and off we went. After a very frustrating 4 hours in the hospital we finally got back home,  exhausted and upset after my ordeal but I was happy to have lunch a nice cup of coffee and some sleep… I  slept for about 4 hours with i desperatley needed. A waste of a complete day really… but worst was yet to come if you can believe it! I went to bed as normal looking forward to a non eventful night, but the was not to be, half way through the night wet again, stupid cow… I hadn’t turned the value on my catheter off so wet the other side of the bed. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t tell my husband and luckily I managed to grab another towel and tried to dry the area, but had to sleep in the wet until the morning.

Today my husband sprayed the mattress both sides with a mixture of white vinegar, washing up liquid and warm water, using a scrubbing bush he got the stain and smell out then he lent the mattress up against the radiator in the bathroom, I just hope it dries by tonight. Well it was dry enough to put back on the bed and make up with a water proof cover over the mattress this time, mattress cover and sheet, just in case, now hopefully a dry night.

Everything was fine for three days then on the third morning in the bathroom the catheter came out, and the balloon had deflated so I called the district nurse again, and guess what she couldn’t get a new catheter back in so here we go again, but this time I was NOT happy to go and sit in A&E department in the hospital with my legs crossed, so put a call out to my original doctor that installed the catheter. After all he was the one that said if it comes out or if I have any problems to call his secretary… so I did!  and surprise surprise she was away on holiday until next week.  So tried the main switch board for anyone else I could speak too, one of the consultants secretary’s she said she would try to get hold of my consultant and call me back, 4 hours later still waiting and called again, this time I left a voice message so now just waiting like a lemon getting up to the toilet as I can to avoid an accident. The Secretary finally called back and another consultant told me that I would just have to go to A&E. Great news… so with legs crossed off we went and waited another 3 hours to see someone. When I did eventually see a Doctor it was too late to re-insert the Suprapubic catheter,the only thing was to put a Indwelling catheter in and wait till my consultant came back from holiday. So home I went feed up and in pain but dry.

Well as you can imagine I am not a happy bunny at the moment… But I found a lovely cartoon that made me smile:


What do you think? Should I send a copy to my Dr?…
Well that’s all from me and my Bloody Catheter bye for now AL.