Afraid & Alone

Last night a wave of depression came over me, I felt very  tearful, isolated, Afraid & Alone  I felt very fearful of what lies ahead….It was not like me because I am for the most part, up beat and positive.  I try to help inspire others as and when I can, but last night something just happened… like a tap being turned on.  I think because I’m so positive it was more of a shock, these bad down times do happen and it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise really but all I wanted was a hug or to speak to someone apart from my husband, I have to be the strong one in the family so couldn’t tell him the way I was feeling. I have this way of saying when asked “how are you” I say I’m fine thank you, how are you. I never let down the shutters, I suppose it’s because I  am frightened that once there open I won’t be able to shut them again. Read more