MS when it invades your world

MS invades my world“Today is just another day” Just another day when MS when it invades your world… sure someone said that! or something like that, well today  I woke from my lovely comfortable electric bed (sorry for those that don’t have one but I would definitely recommend it). The morning routine started with the normal stuff… unplugged myself from my night bag, David my husband emptied it for me bless him, checked stomach area around catheter first, that’s doing ok a wipe with an antiseptic wipe, the rest of the area looks as though someone has stubbed out cigarettes on my stomach (slight exaggeration) but can’t think of another way to describe it.

Hair Colour

Decided to colour my hair this morning, I’m always trying to change something or another, since MS invaded my life I have had to find ways to do things myself,  so colouring my hair while in a wheelchair is a bit of a mission. So got out of bed and with my Zimmer frame found my way to the dressing table, I’m afraid I had to do my hair without anything on, as once the colour had taken which takes at least an hour, I was going to the shower, shampoo the colour off and wash, with David’s help of cause, which is so much easier than having to take off clothes over my head with bleach on my hair.

While the colour was doing its thing thought I would turn round on my chair and wheel myself to the pine blanket box at the bottom of our bed, I needed to sort out my catheter bits and pieces that we store there, need to take out items no longer needed, I will be given these to the nurse that it coming next week, to change my catheter for a female one replacing the very long male one that the hospital put in.

Catheter Equipment

Had a box delivered this week, has all the new catheters and bags that I now get from another supplier, I’ve spoken about in previous blogs, Manfred Sauer UK Ltd they are so helpful, they sent samples of different bags so I could try, the guy I spoke to is Phil he is incredibly knowable, talked me through what would be suitable and then even called to see how I got on, that’s what I call customer service, I would definitely recommend you call them and ask for Phil,  if you have any concerns or problems.

I choice the 600 ml hip bags which I actually uses as tummy bags,                  I double up the straps they supply to go around my stomach, these       have a plastic zigzag effect on the back of the straps which make it very comfortable, they have extra Velcro on the front that fits to the bag, I tuck the bag under my pants so I can now wear trousers, which I haven’t been able to do with a leg bag, so I’m much happier and I don’t even realise I’m wearing a bag, until I need to empty it of cause.

Sorting equipment

Back to where I was sorting out the blanket box, took out some things and put in a carrier bag to give to the nurse, and replaced with the new equipment that’s that sorted. Now for my shower, David helped me in and I sat on the shower stool, shampoo hair and had a good wash, after falling a few weeks ago in the shower, we now put a towel over the shower lip so I have a grip for my feet, we have a rubber shower mat which is in the middle of the shower, but the towel over the lip/step to get out works, so out I came and was dried and sat on the bed. David put a new dressing around on my catheter, I then went and sat at the dressing table fully dressed this time, to see my new hair colour, oh maybe I’ve over done it this time, wanted to go blonde but each time I’ve tried nothing is strong enough, I’ve got red hair naturally so it’s very strong when it comes to colours, so decided to use the bleach blonde highlight kit I’ve got, but this time put it all over my hair, David said, wow that’s a bit bright, but it’s ok, when your husbands says that you know it’s bright.

Negative to Positives

MS when it invades your world”, I think this title describes my world very well, I feel I’ve been invaded by something I have no control over, this is not because I’m depressed this is just how it is, the only way I can describe the feel is, if one day you woke up and everything had changed, things will never be the same, I asked my husband what I’m I supposed to do with my life now, surely I can’t just sit in this chair for the rest of my life, this I asked as a very serious question not “poor me what am I going to do” I have to re think my life how can I “Turn the negative into the positive”what am I good at, what can I offer and where can I offer it? So that my next quest, think about the positives.

When MS Invades my world

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