Suprapubic Catheter

Supra Pubic CatheterSuprapubic Catheter

Suprapubic Catheter finally in place: I went in to hospital yesterday at 12.50pm and was given a general anesthetic at 1.30pm. Arrived in recover and woke at 3.30pm, then I was wheeled back to my room at put into bed at 4.30pm; I was given a ham sandwich, yogurt and coffee. The Surgeon came in said all went well but glad he did the operation under X-Ray because my bladder wasn’t quite where it normally should be; instead of being on the left it was central and lower than normal… but no problems, Suprapubic Catheter inserted ok- He did have to use a number 5 drill bit to get through all the fat 🙂 Not really … he didn’t.

I asked if the whole would shrink as I lost more weight, he just smiled at that question but said he had put dissolvable stitches in the wound, and a dressing was put around the catheter, he told me not to get the dressing wet, or clean or redress the wound for about three days.

The compression stockings they gave me (don’t match any outfit I’ve got but never mind) should stay on for a week, to avoid DVT  (deep vein thrombosis) then the pharmaceutical guy came in to give me a weeks supply of antibiotics and the nurse gave me some extra dressings. I was dressed by my husband and then was very pleased to hear that I was to be discharged because the procedure went well with no complication.

I thanking all the nurses as I left the hospital… We got home at 7.15pm and enjoyed my freshly cooked salmon salad my darling husband then cooked for me. I slept really well considering what I went through, but I think getting rid of that blessed hanging Indwelling catheter made a huge difference – now all i have to do is get use to the new routine.

Day one with new Suprapubic catheter: I gingerly took a look under the bedclothes to make sure nothing had happened overnight and to my great relief everything was still in place no leakage, night bag still upright and connected. It is a very strange colour though colour of rosé wine, (not for drinking of course it must just be blood and medication) it does make you think what’s in rosé wine though! No not really that’s just my sense of humour or maybe still the effects of the general anesthetic.

Anyway I had to work out how to get to the bathroom still attached to the night drainage bag (decided to keep attached till I worked out how to ware the hip bag) so put the night bag on my tray on my Zimmer frame and taking it easy and being careful not to slip with my new support stockings on; managed to empty it in the toilet and sat carefully down and placed bag on its frame on the floor, got up carefully holding on to the support rail by the toilet, the sink and got to my feet and put the night bag back on the Zimmer frame and went and sat on the bed.

With hubby’s help put the Velcro strap around my waist and attached the hip bag to the catheter, got dressed and went downstairs with the help of “Mario” my friendly stair lift (those that know me are aware I have to give my equipment names) it was a real joy “something you may find a little strange” to not have something sticking into me when I sit down, simple things ah!

Little leakage from my urethra when I bent over ,called the nurse (which she told me to do if I was concerned about anything) she said that as my urethra had not been sealed up completely, a little leakage might happen, this was quite normal as the Urologist would have inserted the catheter as lower down in my bladder as he could, but would not stop leakage happening completely, she suggested I just wear a pad just incase. She reassured me that everything was fine. I still would highly recommend anyone thinking of up grading to a Suprapubic, go for it hopefully you will have the same great experience I have had.

Electric Bed coming Friday.

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Suprapubic Catheter




MS Updates!

MS Update!MS Updates! –  Just a little update about progress on my Ankle pin, Suprapubic catheter, Electric bed, Weight loss, Facial hair and possible Weekend away

Ankle Pin

ANKLE PIN : I have been to see a consultant about the pin in my ankle… the one that has been in there for a year now. By the way he is a different consultant than the one that I first saw who told me the reason I broke the leg and ankle was because I was too fat!
##**!!? this is polite code for : I don’t like you very much at all!!!

On a more positive note, My new guy is very pleasant and informative and took the time to explain the pros & cons of what I could expect if I had the screw removed; or if it is left well along. He said there is no guarantee that I would get any more movement or feeling in the ankle if the screw is removed. The reason for this being that my MS has more to do with the decrease in sensation and mobility… however he did promised to have his screw driver at the ready if at anytime in the future I decide I want to have the pin taken out. Much nicer man and we both had a good laugh… on that note we decided to leave the pin well alone and left him and his trusty screw driver for the next patient to consider.

Suprapubic CatheterSuprapubic Catheter: I called the Urologist office and asked his secretary if she could give me any idea when I could expect a date for the operation. I also asked her to update my records and told her that my cholesterol was down from 7.5 to 3.4 so I am no longer in the high category as indicated in the letter I received. I also have a general anesthetic a year ago when my leg and ankle was operated on and have lost 2 stone since that operation…even though I do need to loose more. I just wanted her to update the records to show that I am definitely trying to lose weight. It is a long and hard job because I cannot move very easily and can’t do any, exercises which is recommended when trying to lose weight.

She said that she would update my records and that it was just a matter of waiting to hear from the Anesthetic to book me in. It looks like the next available date will be 19th October, but she could not confirm anything but said she will send a letter when she hears. Second one-off the list… well at least the call to the secretary I can’t take it off the list completely until I have a date, but progress being made. Read more…

 Electric Bed


Electric bed:  All letters and paperwork are with the MS Society waiting a decision…so nothing to report or discuss on this one yet.

Weight Loss

Weight loss: Two stone down… I have seen a Dietitian and she confirmed that I am doing all the right things. She also added that in some ways I’m fighting a losing battle because the medication I’m on is making it so much harder…She suggested I try to cut down on the portion sizes. I am on a no carbohydrate diet which she say is not really a good idea, she said I need to add some carbs even small amounts of brown rice or brown pasta, another appointment arrange for November.

Facial Hair

Facial hair: I recently purchase one of those well know and well advertised hair removal gadgets… I haven’t named it yet because I have only just started using it… so far does what it says but don’t know how long it will take to removal the hair and stop any re growth. I will let you know how it goes. Read more at: hppt://

Weekend Away
Weekend away:
This one is a bit of a sore point… my husband is desperate to go away to a hotel somewhere in the country; one that doesn’t cost a lot and is wheelchair friendly. I, on the other hand would rather wait until I hear about the date for the operation. He says that if we wait till then it will be bloody cold and miserable weather and I can see his point but I don’t really want to go away until I get this catheter done.

The thought of going away and wearing this blasted leg bags, not being able to wear trousers in the colder weather doesn’t appeal to me at all and quite honestly I’m also not sure about going away…I know it’s silly but at least when I am at home I’m not self conscious… How can I explain? Here I get up and I know what I have to do to get ready, I know where everything is, I know I can eat breakfast, lunch and diner at my own pace, and if necessary it’s cut up before I get it… eating in front of others concerns me and going out for the day needing to empty my leg bag and being able to find a toilet, accessing shops, restaurants, café, also the added worry of fatigue hitting me in the afternoons, what to do after diner if we eat at the restaurant, going into the bar there and again needing the toilet.

I don’t know… I think it’s probably easier and cheaper to stay at home. No doubt there will be more to come on this subject, It may be an idea… not just for a break but also to do some research for the blog and I could report on accessibility etc which could be and interesting topic for a new post. In that respect it could be worth it so I will keep you posted, until next time…

Lesion-generated mistakes P S – Before  I go I would like to tell you about my recent run-in with my darling editor/sister… I have been scolded for being too eager and publishing my last post… Wheelchair access. I was home alone for the day because my hubby was out playing golf with a friend, I was feeling a little bored so decided to press the PUBLISH button to my post… however I broke strict protocol and the post had not been fully checked for “lesion-generated spelling mistakes”… Apologies go out to all my lovely users – I have now promised not to press the Publish button on future posts until  all “lesion-generated mistakes” have been checked by bossy boots editor. 🙂

Well there are a few things ticked off my list, I hope you enjoyed reading my MS Updates

All the best AL



How to deal with changes in temperature.

How to deal with changes in temperatureHow to deal with changes in temperature. when you have MS.

What do you mean by that I hear you say… Well I’m talking about the great British summer time, one day and I do mean one day that’s how  changeable the weather is.  One day it is very hot …up to 30 degrees one moment and we have fans in each room; can’t sleep at night because it’s so humid and Im totally exhausted by the morning. I definitely need a shower which is an exhausting exercise when i have no energy to start the day, so after a shower i feel utterly drained.

Then in the same week I’m seating in the front room with a faux fur blanket round my legs and feet, plus a cardigan.  It’s freezing… well it’s cold and the temperature drops down to 15 degrees. that’s half it was only two days ago. Pouring with very heavy rain that floods the roads and makes everything look dull and dreary and very cold.  What’s happening to the weather? This was not in the brochure! I should write a complaint to the weather planners and express discontent and put in a request for a more accommodating temperature for those of us who have slightly faulty body temperature control.

Mind you don’t know why I’m so surprised about the weather, it happens every year…and it seems like the seasons are all wrong.
I do feel sorry for families with kids on their summer holidays, especially if they have gone somewhere in this country, poor sods it’s hard enough keeping children occupied at the best of times, but when it’s cold and raining it’s not only hard to know what to do with your day but it’s so expensive.

Anyway back to being feed up with this summer of ours… I can’t go out anywhere in the pouring rain,  if the weather was nice we could have taken “Zippy” ( my new Red wheelchair) to the seaside, go along the promenade and down the peir, but not going to get soaking wet just for the sake of it. I have put a web link from the MS Society that takes you to a fact sheet that is worth reading, the web site seems strange but it go straight to the site.

Anyway the weather outside has me confined to quarters so today I’m trying to figure out how to increase the flow of traffic to my blog site, it’s blowing my brain trying to understand SEO’s “search engine optimisers” – gosh i am starting to sound technical aren’t I ?
I know what they are but finding it hard to see how to get them to the top of Google search page, without spending any money (which I don’t have) I am bombarded with words like backlinks & RSS feeds, trying to get my head round them.
I have had some fantastic comments from you, and quite a few have said why are you not at the top of Google because some of you have problems trying to find me, so I am trying to suss it out.

I am on all of the social net works Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr/Shumbleupon/Reddit/Delicios & Flipboard… I don’t think there are any others I can be on.
If anyone can suggest something more I can do that doesn’t cost me anything please help.

Had to call the Doctors again this morning, the antibiotics I was given last Friday for another UTI  havnt worked, so they have got another prescription signed by the Doctor, for a different type of antibiotic, so will try that one, didn’t want to go through the Bank holiday weekend in pain, if this doesn’t work need to get another sample to them on Tuesday.

Still waiting a letter from my Urologigist with hopefully a date to have a Suprapubic catheter fitted, the last letter I received was to confirm he had seen me and was waiting to speak to the Anaesthetist to see if he was happy to give me a general anaesthetic. They have concerns as follows:

  • PMS
  • high cholesterol (didn’t check that one did he) no longer have high cholesterol it’s down from 7.5 to 3.4,
  • High BMI – I will give him that one,  but have lost nearly 2 stone in a year and I had a general last September when I broke my leg and ankle.

I still wouldn’t be surprised if either the Anaesthetist wants to see me, or because the Urologist said in his letter that he won’t do it until I have lost more weight, I don’t know if its just more red tape or the fact that they just don’t really know anything about me but I will go mad if that happens, can’t go on much longer with this tube between my legs, (sorry to be so crude) but it’s so uncomfortable.

Maybe just maybe the post will deliver a “very soggy” letter from my Urologigist with a date to operate in the not so distant furture. Just as I close this post the sun has finally come out so maybe that is good omen. I hope you enjoyed reading this post How to deal with changes in temperature.

Thank all folks, until next time. Amazon lady

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Big Girl Pants

Big Pants
Who ever GARY is… The rightfull owner of this image! I hope you don’t mind me using it here. (I couldn’t find any details about you to mention on the post). Love your work. “:-)

Hi there… today I have titled my post “big girl pants“.
After posting my last blog about the Suprapubic catheter, i had to tell you a little story about the image on that blog… I have told you that i have recruited my sister (who lives in Australia) to be my editor… she has a quick look over my posts and checks for any obvious “lesion related typos or mistakes”. Each time i have finished a post, I place it in the drafts section and she then searches the internet for images to go with that particular post- we are a pretty good team really.

For the Suprapubic Catheter blog she searched “Suprapubic Catheters‘ and all she could find were pretty graphic pictures with body parts showing… none of which were suitable (we don’t want to put anyone off their breakfast). She finally found a pic which was a simple line drawing of a ladies Silhouette… nothing nasty… but it did have the outline of the simple v shape. Well she decided to rectify the ladies modesty by adding a pair of black knickers to complete the opening graphic. It was not until a few days after the post was published that she sent me the image without knickers…

Receiving that email with the original image and then the black nickers image gave me a good laugh. If she is tuned in and sensitive enough about preserving the dignity of a line drawing she must also understand how important it is for me to preserve my own dignity. I thought i would write this blog to give you all a bit of a giggle… Hope you enjoy the big girl pant:

Have you seen “Bridget Jones Diary” ? Where a customs officer holds up Bridget pants, which are huge! Well those could be mine (yes I would love to wear small frilly knickers, but that’s not going to happen)  the picture on the post “Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter ” the girl is slim and is wearing a small pair of black pants, it’s just to show the Suprapubic catheter, In reality my knickers would cover the catheter really well… as mine go up and over my belly button …not sexy but practical and comfortable which is important when there is so many other things to worry about. I try and look as good as I can on the top layer, try to wear something nice each day with matching accessories, makeup, jewellery, purfum but underneath is another story, comfort and security is the key, if that’s ok then the top layer works.

I don’t know about you but it gets my knickers in a knot when all you ever see on the TV or magazines are slim and gorgeous bodies with the smallest piece of perfectly fitting lace and silk… Get real! how many people really look like that? I did buy some Ell McPherson knicker once… in the hope that they would make me look like her… but it just did not work. “Maybe i had them on the wrong way round”! 🙂
My sister told me  about a time when she went to a lingerie party a long while ago and the woman sold her a pair of knickers “g-string hold you in pants”… well you can imagine how they would feel… and no! they did not manage to hold anything in; they just “as you can imagine” made everything bulge out in a most unattractive way. Anyway…I just had to add this image because it should answer a lot of questions about why the size and shape on simple underclothes have change so dramatically… ITS BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING!

Globalwarming copy

Back to some other news… This morning I had to give some blood at our Doctors surgery, they are testing my under active thyroid, my high cholesterol, my liver function oh yes and my Vitamin D levels, hope they don’t find anything else wrong I take enough tablets as it is already, I rattle now… well I would if I could walk.
I asked for three of these tests as I haven’t had a blood test since been given tablets for my thyroid and cholesterol. I don’t know if the tablets for my under active thyroid are working or not, do they need increasing? My cholesterol level was 7.3  and I believe I’ve managed to lower it to within the preferred limits – now 4.4 so do I really need to be on statins any longer? (my Consultant doesn’t think so, he personally doesn’t like Statins) I think the liver test is to see how all these tablets are effecting my liver, it can’t be doing it much good, but don’t know what other options I have.

The vitamin D test is something my MS nurse wanted me to get tested. Its one of the things that they have been looking at re the causes of MS, vitamin D deficiency! In my case I was brought up in Africa so had 10 years of sunshine vitamin D, but my MS nurse said that apparently you can’t absorb Vitamin D until you reach puberty, I don’t know if that’s correct but if it is and I have no reason to doubt my nurse I maybe do have Vit D deficiency, I do take extra in the form of tablets now but will see what the blood test says. The last blood tests I had were in November 2014 so think it’s time to see if things have changed.

Well thats all for now…  Hope you enjoyed reading Big Girl Pants! feel free to comment and why not add your own personal story about – What gets your knickers in a knot?
We can all have a giggle together.
Over and out A L.

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Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter

Thank goodness!… Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter! Last week I had an appointment with my Urologist to have a Cystoscopy which has confirmed that my bladder is actually of the right size “what size that is, I don’t know and didn’t ask either” but he said that I could now have a Suprapubic catheter.

Now I just have to wait for a letter to confirm an appointment. This time I will have to have a general anaesthetic because the operation involves cutting a small hole in my stomach; just above my pubic bone (hence the name Suprapubic) then placing a catheter though that hole so it will take over from the Indwelling catheter I currently have and also have many issues with. I really feel that the suprapubic is the way to go.

My sister is really against me having this done… I can’t see why but I think it’s because she had seen a lady in hospital with a similar catheter that was not cared for particularly well. I don’t think she thinks I can care for it properly, but at 55 I think I can look after myself. I know she only worries but there’s no need too, I need to be able to take care of myself and if that means being extra careful and fastidious about cleanliness then so be it. It is very important for me to remain as independent as possible and it is of utmost importance to maintain as much of my personal dignity as possible. I need to get out of this house and I believe this will allow me to take control again. This is the main reason for not going out, because I am so self-conscious about it. Anyway will keep you informed and let you know when I get my appointment, fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

I contacted a couple of suppliers, the one I get my existing equipment from, plus another that was suggested on the video from the web site below.

I decided to look at the operation on you tube, and also checked out many sites to see all the possible options… which length of catheter and which bags I was going to use?

I want to show the consultant exactly what I want when the time comes, I don’t just want the equipment the NHS supply’s. Might get some resistance but I am determined to have it my way, after all it’s my body and I have to live with it. Still both suppliers are sending me samples so will see which one I will go with.

I don’t want leg bags because they have never worked for me, not with my current catheters anyway. I want a small bag I can tuck in my underwear with a tie that goes around my waist to hold it in place. This set up will mean that I can wear my trousers and leggings again… ok with a long top, but most people wear that over leggings anyhow. At least I will not have to worry about a leg bag falling down again, and I can be more confident and get out and back into the world.

The specialist also suggested I have Botox injections in my bladder at the same time. I asked what that was for, he said with bladder urgency (which is what I suffer from, just one of the side effects of MS) the bladder tends to go into spasms and the Botox stops that so it should stop any leakage from my urethra. So I’ll wait for my appointment, and keep everything crossed.

It was interesting to speak to a really nice and helpful guy from one of the supplier, he told me about his company that was started by a guy who is a paraplegic himself… he couldn’t find what he needed for his particular requirements, so he started his own company.

Please take a look at his website you may also find something that you have been looking for to help with your individual requirements.

7004diagram 7004S-photo

We were discussing the fact that when I had my investigation procedure yesterday, afterwards the nurse replaced my catheter with a new one… it was a male catheter, much longer than the one I have come in with which was a female one… the consultant said that the NHS were now only using male catheters for both male and female, why I ask!…He said that on too many occasions nurses had just picked up catheters without looking to check if male or female, and some female catheters had been fitted into male patient and caused damage to their bladders… so the NHS had made the decision to offer only one catheter male ones.

You can still get female catheters on prescription, but this guy confirmed what the consultant had said, so at present I have a male catheter which is not only extremely long (down to my knees) but much thinner than my female one, so it will only be a matter of time before this one falls out too…that will make a total of 14 catheters in 9 months “must he heading for a record”. I do have my own personal supply of female catheters now, so there are no real worries there.

I hope you have found my post Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter interesting …that’s all for now keep well out there.AL

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