New Electric Bed

New Electric Bed

New bed is here

Well it’s Friday and two vans with delivery guys have arrived, one van is to take away our old bed, one van has our new electric bed. So the first problem arises, we live in a chalet style house, and what with the tight small stair case which now has my stair lift fitted, and low over hang to the ceiling and a very narrow front door, they are having trouble getting the new bed up the stairs, the pictures have been removed from the walls in case they get knocked, my husband did dismantle our old bed this morning and stack it next to the upstairs wall ready, but to get it down stairs the guys will have to use a saw to dismantle it, it originally came in through an up stairs window which was taken out when we moved in to take furniture up stairs.

The hoover has now gone up as I’m sure the sawing has made a mess (think I need tablets to calm me down, if only I still drank) tea and coffee break upstairs and scratching of heads by men including my husband (he does like a drama) as to how they would get the rest the old bed down?

More sawing and now hammers, (getting a headache, still have pills for that) bits of new bed base going up, (I’m sitting in the front room on my rise and recline chair, watching men going in and out of the house) now drill in operation to connect the base of new bed together, more hovering (Nice to know  they are cleaning up after themselves)

New bed in our bedroom now and looking better than I hoped, my husband took a picture for me on my tablet, saving a journey up stairs, he will make up bed shortly and I can see it in all its glory. Looking forward to a demonstration of how it works when I go up to bed this evening, I hope I have a good nights sleep tonight, a new bed that you haven’t tried is taking a risk but we couldn’t try before we bought the bed, or should I say before the MS Society bought the bed for me (thank you MS Society) I will write and thank them personally with a photo tomorrow.

Last night had a great sleep, the first time in a long time, I was able to raise my head and legs into a comfortable position at last. My husband didn’t sleep very well for two reasons, said the mattress was a bit hard, but he will get use to it, and my snoring, unfortunately I can only sleep on my back at the moment, until the tube from the Suprapubic Catheter heals, then I should be able to turn over or alternatively I could buy him a pair of ear plugs, anyway that’s my new electric bed experience.

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