Supra pubic Catheter- Drama continues

Catheter Drama copySupra pubic catheter Drama Continues – In my last blog I told you about the saga of spending time in the A&E department of our local hospital. Finally home after the ordeal, with an Indwelling catheter… I wasn’t very happy as you can well imagine, apart from being in pain I was tired, fed up and hungry and all in all, pretty disappointed to have this indwelling thing back again. But that was just the start of another horrendous few weeks…

I called the secretary of my consultant and explained what had happened,  and she came back to me with another appointment to fit a new Supra pubic Catheter, but first I needed to go in on Friday afternoon for an MRSA swap which I did. On Monday at 12 midday was booked into my room and patiently waiting to see my consultant/surgeon, he arrived at 2.30 pm and explained that because no one had asked on the previous Friday to take a urine test… they had done one today and subsequently found that I had a urine infection! The end result being they could not operate ,so I was sent home with instructions to contact my doctor at the end of the week, by which time they would have found out which antibiotics to give me.

On Friday I did as I was asked and yes a prescription was waiting for me at our local chemist, I was to take a fairly high does of Trimethoprim (which fortunately I still am taking) until the operation which had been scheduled for the following Monday…On Monday the operation was done and I was sent home with a second hole in my stomach, next to the previous one. They explained that the reason for this secondary hole was that my bladder and bowel are very close together, so they had to close up the original hole and put in two disposable stitches…. (Which to date are still there).


 Latex Allergy:  All was going well until the third day and I realised that blisters had started appearing on my stomach, bursting then bleeding. It was only then we remembered that I was allergic to latex, which is what the Catheter the hospital put in was made of. Surely they would have had that information on file somewhere????

I called the supplier and explained the situation so they sent two non-latex Catheters by courier to me that Friday. I called the district nurses and one came out that afternoon, (I can’t fault the speed at which everyone responded) the first nurse took out the old Catheter and put the new one in, which hurt like crazy. She could only put 1 ml of the 10 ml fluid injected in the balloon (a Catheter once inserted needs a balloon inflated to keep it in place). With the leg bag attached we waited and waited for urine to flow… but nothing, I tried drinking water but nothing… she tried flushing a sterile liquid into the tube hopefully it would return but again nothing! I was not going back to hospital again so we tried again with the second Catheter, but the same thing happen, absolutely nothing!!!

The nurse decided to call her supervisor who said that I should really go into hospital because they did not really know where that Catheter actually went…. The only other option was to leave it in place and see if by moving back down stairs on my stair lift and sitting in my chair and drinking a warm drink would help. Both nurses suspected that it could be a blood clot that was stopping the urine coming down. They left me with instructions to call out the night nurse team, if I did not see any urine come down into the bag, and they would come out and assess the situation again. This was now 6pm Friday night so had no chance of contacting anyone. What a complete balls up…


 The drama continues: By 7pm… you guessed it still no urine! So I phoned the night nurses and explained the situation again but unfortunately they don’t have catheters, let along non-latex ones. By 8.30 pm two nurses arrived, one was the boss, she assessed the situation and I ended up with two Catheters, the original Supra pubic and an Indwelling, the senior nurse said if she took the Supra pubic out I would have to go through another operation again to put it back so it was better to leave it there and also put in an Indwelling Catheter. I was asked to contact the consultant’s secretary on Monday morning and get him to sort out the problem… He would be able to find the problem if he does an X-ray and then he can see exactly where the catheter has actually gone. Meanwhile I wait for the next part of the catheter drama to unfold… I originally thought I should hold off posting this until I see what happens next…. but decided to post now! Will keep you posted on my not so Supra pubic  Catheter…


Bye for now AL.


Suprapubic Catheter

Supra Pubic CatheterSuprapubic Catheter

Suprapubic Catheter finally in place: I went in to hospital yesterday at 12.50pm and was given a general anesthetic at 1.30pm. Arrived in recover and woke at 3.30pm, then I was wheeled back to my room at put into bed at 4.30pm; I was given a ham sandwich, yogurt and coffee. The Surgeon came in said all went well but glad he did the operation under X-Ray because my bladder wasn’t quite where it normally should be; instead of being on the left it was central and lower than normal… but no problems, Suprapubic Catheter inserted ok- He did have to use a number 5 drill bit to get through all the fat 🙂 Not really … he didn’t.

I asked if the whole would shrink as I lost more weight, he just smiled at that question but said he had put dissolvable stitches in the wound, and a dressing was put around the catheter, he told me not to get the dressing wet, or clean or redress the wound for about three days.

The compression stockings they gave me (don’t match any outfit I’ve got but never mind) should stay on for a week, to avoid DVT  (deep vein thrombosis) then the pharmaceutical guy came in to give me a weeks supply of antibiotics and the nurse gave me some extra dressings. I was dressed by my husband and then was very pleased to hear that I was to be discharged because the procedure went well with no complication.

I thanking all the nurses as I left the hospital… We got home at 7.15pm and enjoyed my freshly cooked salmon salad my darling husband then cooked for me. I slept really well considering what I went through, but I think getting rid of that blessed hanging Indwelling catheter made a huge difference – now all i have to do is get use to the new routine.

Day one with new Suprapubic catheter: I gingerly took a look under the bedclothes to make sure nothing had happened overnight and to my great relief everything was still in place no leakage, night bag still upright and connected. It is a very strange colour though colour of rosé wine, (not for drinking of course it must just be blood and medication) it does make you think what’s in rosé wine though! No not really that’s just my sense of humour or maybe still the effects of the general anesthetic.

Anyway I had to work out how to get to the bathroom still attached to the night drainage bag (decided to keep attached till I worked out how to ware the hip bag) so put the night bag on my tray on my Zimmer frame and taking it easy and being careful not to slip with my new support stockings on; managed to empty it in the toilet and sat carefully down and placed bag on its frame on the floor, got up carefully holding on to the support rail by the toilet, the sink and got to my feet and put the night bag back on the Zimmer frame and went and sat on the bed.

With hubby’s help put the Velcro strap around my waist and attached the hip bag to the catheter, got dressed and went downstairs with the help of “Mario” my friendly stair lift (those that know me are aware I have to give my equipment names) it was a real joy “something you may find a little strange” to not have something sticking into me when I sit down, simple things ah!

Little leakage from my urethra when I bent over ,called the nurse (which she told me to do if I was concerned about anything) she said that as my urethra had not been sealed up completely, a little leakage might happen, this was quite normal as the Urologist would have inserted the catheter as lower down in my bladder as he could, but would not stop leakage happening completely, she suggested I just wear a pad just incase. She reassured me that everything was fine. I still would highly recommend anyone thinking of up grading to a Suprapubic, go for it hopefully you will have the same great experience I have had.

Electric Bed coming Friday.

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Suprapubic Catheter




Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter

Thank goodness!… Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter! Last week I had an appointment with my Urologist to have a Cystoscopy which has confirmed that my bladder is actually of the right size “what size that is, I don’t know and didn’t ask either” but he said that I could now have a Suprapubic catheter.

Now I just have to wait for a letter to confirm an appointment. This time I will have to have a general anaesthetic because the operation involves cutting a small hole in my stomach; just above my pubic bone (hence the name Suprapubic) then placing a catheter though that hole so it will take over from the Indwelling catheter I currently have and also have many issues with. I really feel that the suprapubic is the way to go.

My sister is really against me having this done… I can’t see why but I think it’s because she had seen a lady in hospital with a similar catheter that was not cared for particularly well. I don’t think she thinks I can care for it properly, but at 55 I think I can look after myself. I know she only worries but there’s no need too, I need to be able to take care of myself and if that means being extra careful and fastidious about cleanliness then so be it. It is very important for me to remain as independent as possible and it is of utmost importance to maintain as much of my personal dignity as possible. I need to get out of this house and I believe this will allow me to take control again. This is the main reason for not going out, because I am so self-conscious about it. Anyway will keep you informed and let you know when I get my appointment, fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

I contacted a couple of suppliers, the one I get my existing equipment from, plus another that was suggested on the video from the web site below.

I decided to look at the operation on you tube, and also checked out many sites to see all the possible options… which length of catheter and which bags I was going to use?

I want to show the consultant exactly what I want when the time comes, I don’t just want the equipment the NHS supply’s. Might get some resistance but I am determined to have it my way, after all it’s my body and I have to live with it. Still both suppliers are sending me samples so will see which one I will go with.

I don’t want leg bags because they have never worked for me, not with my current catheters anyway. I want a small bag I can tuck in my underwear with a tie that goes around my waist to hold it in place. This set up will mean that I can wear my trousers and leggings again… ok with a long top, but most people wear that over leggings anyhow. At least I will not have to worry about a leg bag falling down again, and I can be more confident and get out and back into the world.

The specialist also suggested I have Botox injections in my bladder at the same time. I asked what that was for, he said with bladder urgency (which is what I suffer from, just one of the side effects of MS) the bladder tends to go into spasms and the Botox stops that so it should stop any leakage from my urethra. So I’ll wait for my appointment, and keep everything crossed.

It was interesting to speak to a really nice and helpful guy from one of the supplier, he told me about his company that was started by a guy who is a paraplegic himself… he couldn’t find what he needed for his particular requirements, so he started his own company.

Please take a look at his website you may also find something that you have been looking for to help with your individual requirements.

7004diagram 7004S-photo

We were discussing the fact that when I had my investigation procedure yesterday, afterwards the nurse replaced my catheter with a new one… it was a male catheter, much longer than the one I have come in with which was a female one… the consultant said that the NHS were now only using male catheters for both male and female, why I ask!…He said that on too many occasions nurses had just picked up catheters without looking to check if male or female, and some female catheters had been fitted into male patient and caused damage to their bladders… so the NHS had made the decision to offer only one catheter male ones.

You can still get female catheters on prescription, but this guy confirmed what the consultant had said, so at present I have a male catheter which is not only extremely long (down to my knees) but much thinner than my female one, so it will only be a matter of time before this one falls out too…that will make a total of 14 catheters in 9 months “must he heading for a record”. I do have my own personal supply of female catheters now, so there are no real worries there.

I hope you have found my post Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter interesting …that’s all for now keep well out there.AL

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