MS Demons invade my days


How MS effected my day! … This is just one day in my life with MS.       Well firstly I make one hell of a mess, my MS really effected me this morning, I’ll tell you what happened  I was feeling very down and needed to do something…the dreaded black clouds were hovering overhead, so decided that some of my indoor plants need re-potting. Well you can just imagine can’t you?

Plants help me smile

Off we went to our local nursery… it’s always a joy to go there but the only problem it’s hard not to buy too much , it’s a bit like visiting the local pound and wanting to take all the strays home!

Any way my hubby had control and just wouldn’t stop when I asked or said oh look at that… “NO” he said sternly , potting compost and a new larger 10 inch pot is all you are buying today! And then added “You’ve got enough indoor plants to start your own nursery”. He also said “I like you in the wheelchair because you have to go where and when I say” (horrible sod)!  Anyway hate to say it but he’s right I’m terrible in a garden centre.  With hubbies help in restraining my plant purchasing frenzy  off we went to the cashier with potting compost hanging on my excellent hook purchased a while a go. It is on the bar at the back of the wheelchair and has proved to be very handy and on my lap in a wire basket with two pots, one plain brown plastic the other a lovely blackish brown ceramic pot.  Purchases made we headed  home.

Not today darling

Back home :

Safely back at home in my chair, hubby wiped the bag of compost and brought it to the lounge with a black bin liner to put on my table… ( In hind sight that was a mistake, should have done this outside). So with pots, plant, compost and small trowel in hand, I started filling the new pot up quarter full, then transferred the plant that needed re-potting  into said pot and continued back filling ( got all the words haven’t I, watch gardening programs on tv).
I finished and tapped the pot and sat back exhausted. Then oh dear as I looked down I realised what a big mess I had made…all that was needed was a handful of seeds to chuck on the carpet and things would grow… Maybe I could find a some money tree seeds and scatter them around the living room. What do you think? And does anyone know where to buy them?


Somehow I had managed to spread as much compost on the floor as in the new pot (I though the pot was taking a lot of compost) not realising I think I was putting one trowel in the pot and the same amount on the carpet (oh dear how did that happen) called out sheepishly to hubby … darling I think I’ve made a mess. Oh God he said I only hoovered this room before we went out, sorry darling I said think I must have missed a bit, a bit he said, well he hoovered again and he put my new re-potted plant back where I could admire it, so the moral to this is story is get someone else to do the messy jobs, or alternatively do it out side.

MS Demons


So that was the start of the day, now my MS demons… what do you have  in store for the rest of my day?


Hope you enjoyed my post about MS Demons invade my days. That’s all for now AL