Fear After Falling…

Fear After Falling

This is an interesting topic that has made me think about the effects certain things have on us. For instance the Fear after fallingSometimes I see elderly people walking around with little steps, shuffling their feet as if they are scared to pick them up off the ground. Well maybe this is because they have had a fall and that experience has made them wary about protecting themselves from another fall. Unfortunately I have become a little like this after having experienced two falls recently.

It was just another normal Saturday and all seemed to be going well, so I thought I would have a shower, David helped me gingerly get out over the lip of the shower door, and helped me with my Zimmer frame to the bed to get dry and dressed, he then helped me to the dressing table where I dried my hair and put my makeup on, shouted out for him to help me to get to the stair lift, always that bit harder when I’ve had a shower as I have less coordination for some reason, this is when I’m always at risk of a fall. Well just before I sat on the stair lift I wanted to look at something in the spare room, so went past the stair lift much to David’s annoyance as he said he could do what ever it was that I wanted to be done. Well while we were arguing… guess what?  yes legs gave way and I fell backwards, flat on the floor banged my head and twisted my legs. David quickly went down stairs to get to Elk (Electric Lift Cushion) which once it’s positioned under me slowly lifts me to a sitting position to get up, but  for some reason it wasn’t working yet again. David had no way to get me up so made a call to a friend that lives down the road, Ian he and his wife came with us to Poland, he came straight round but even both of them couldn’t lift me I’m a dead weight so Ian called his son in-law David, he also lives locally luckily and came round, well they did get me up and on to the stair lift JUST. I thanked them and off they went to later meet David in the pub for a drink which was on him to thank them. I sat on my rise and recline chair and helped with the shopping list felling sorry for myself having to have two men as well as David lift me up.

Second fall

Oh yes I fell for a second time while on my own, David out shopping, what happen was I can’t be trusted to stay put, I needed to use the toilet so even though I was weak after the earlier fall it had to be done, so up I got and slowly walked the 12 steeps using my Rollator to the clock room, got there did what I needed too got up turned round to push the button for the flush and down I went, backwards again but this time very awkwardly, my left leg round the back of then loo and my right backwards on the Rollator wheel, which really really hurt, so there I was on my own not knowing what to do, how to get out of this on my own, of cause no mobile phone with me (David has always told me to take my mobile where ever I go) I spent two and a half hours getting out of the predicament I had got myself in and inch by inch dragged myself into the front room to get the phone to call my husband who by then was in the pub. So he came home with another two men, this time different men from the morning to get me on to the chair, after a good telling off he returned to the pub to finish their drinks and get another two to say another thank you. Oh well at least I am useful for getting the locals some free beers.

However joking aside… Since falling I feel frightened that the next time “and it will happen” I will break something, and that I couldn’t deal with again.  I can’t walk at the moment anyway and I need David to help me to and from the stair lift both top and bottom luckily we have two wheelchairs one upstairs and one down stairs, and just waiting my new electric indoor outdoor wheelchair that should arrive next week. looking forward to that…But in between times I feel very vulnerable and isolated I can’t do a lot apart from what I can do from my chair, which is really not much. I am reliant on David getting things for me and I hate having to keep asking him to get things for me. I hope that when my new electric wheelchair arrives I can at least get up and do a few more things for myself. But the falls have definitely taken it out of me.


On a more positive note I have finally got some good news that may help my weight problem. Let me explain…On Friday I had my regular my 6 monthly appointment with my MS consultant, he gave me a good check up and spoke about my concerns about one of my tablets i has been taking, Pregabalin. As you may know I have been struggling for over a year now with my weight for some time know. Unfortunately since leaving work I have gradually put on close to 4 stone which even though people kindly say that I carry it well, my current weight is 125 kilos 19.7 stone which is way way too much. I can’t exercise so i just have reduce the calories I consume.  I don’t eat any carbohydrates or drink any alcohol, I only drink water and have over the last month started on the SlimFast shakes. I have seen the hospital dietitian for advice, but she has said that I am fighting a losing battle because the Pregabalin have a bad reputation for weight gain, so no matter what diet I’m on it won’t make a great deal of difference.

So I went away and did some research and found a tablet I felt could be the answer so I called my MS nurse, a month before I was due to meet with my consultant and ask her to speak to my consultant before my visit to see if he would allow me to change the Pregabalin for the new tablets Topamax ! (that way I would be able to at least have tried them out for a month before seeing him). He said that was fine and authorities the script which he emailed to my surgery to get sign off.   I had already been takeing the new tablet for a month and at the same time reduce the Pregabalin by the time I had my appointment without any problems, so what I wanted to ask was could I increase the Topamax up from the 50 mg he had prescribed to eventually 200 mg over 2 months. He agreed with me that in my case that was my best option. ( In the USA Topamax are predominantly used as a weight deductions tablet as well as a control for seizures), but he said I must be very careful as these are twice as strong as Pregabalin and I must gradually reduce one and replace with the other. He said that if I had the sense to find the replacement that I felt would suit me, I would be able to look after my own medication without too much intervention. He said he would be happy he see me in a years time but would be contactable if I needed to discuss anything with him directly. The nurse weight me and took my blood pressure 114/72 and pulse rate 57 to compare for next time and said that was very good (well at least got something right) and I kept a record for myself. So said goodbye and left to collect my prescription from the hospital pharmacy.

No side effects

Keep everything crossed this could be my lucky break and the final end to my weight battle…. Here comes the slimmer me.

That’s all for now.