No stopping me now…

New wheels

Pronto M41 Modulite… coming to live with me.

Pronto M41 Modulite… coming to live with me. I’ve been looking for an electric wheelchair I can use indoors as well as out, it would need it fit into our car which has always been the problem as we have an old Rover estate not a specially adapted mobility car, so first I contacted the NHS wheelchair people and arranged for a home visit to survey our house(which is not a council house) I only say that because if we lived in a council house they would pay for any alterations that would need to be done to make it easier for a chair to get around the ground floor, when they did come out to see which chair would be suitable he said like most houses there were never built with wheelchairs or disabilities in mind, our doors are too narrow and the turning circles to access other rooms to thigh,so none of the wheelchairs they supply would suit my needs. He suggested enlarging the doorways, changing the front entrance as the front door way was too narrow so a pouch would be best, chopping a new doorway in our front room, well on and on he went of cause any alterations to make our house more accessible would have to be paid for by us, well we are not in a financial position to do that. So back to the drawing board as they say.

I have a lovely Red Wheelchair my dear mother brought me when she and my brother came for a visit from Australia last year, we use that all the time outside, and it fits in the car, but it doesn’t work around the house for the reasons I’ve explain above, or in the garden as we have a step down from the patio door and back door, plus the wheelchair doesn’t like grass neither does the Rollator, I only use that to get out of the house to the car and to and from the cloakroom, that’s as much as I can do, and as the name suggests my Progressive Multiple Sclerosis is progressing, so I do need an electric wheelchair to help me be more independent if nothing else. The other thing most people don’t think about is seating, I have a riser recliner chair in the front room, but there is no other seat I can use in the house, all are too low to get into and out of, that would be another reason for an electric wheelchair, where ever I go around the house I would take my own chair with me.

I have a great relationship with Paul at Essex Mobility Centre they supplied my Red Wheelchair, Electric Bed and Small Scooter, so went to Paul with my dilemma and asked his advice, he said he would look into it for me. Well within a couple of weeks Paul and his son Ben who also works for him arrived with a sample electric wheelchair that he thought would do the job.

The Electric Wheelchair he bought round was an Invacare Pronto M41 Modulite, all signing all dancing chair, take a look at the web site if you get a chance 









Here is a little bit of info about my new wheels: The Invacare Pronto M41 is a sleek and highly versatile indoor power wheelchair. It offers an excellent range of seating options to address complex postural needs providing support and comfort. A compact mid wheel drive base makes it easy to manoeuver in most environments and simple to transport. It is designed to perfectly suit an independent lifestyle – wherever you choose to be.

I tried it out… it has 6 wheels and the turning circle is incredible, went through our door ways and round the very tight corners, over all thresholds in through our conservatory over the door way and down the step into the garden, loves the grass so took a look around where I havent been for three years. My face said it all I was delighted with the chair it offered everything I wanted it even went through the front door, and with a set of ramps Ben had bought with him, showed my sceptical husband how it could be driven into the boot of his estate car, much to his dismay. All I wanted too know was how much and when could I get it, Paul said hold on I havent shown you all that this chair offers so he showed me a few of the extra functions, it reclines by 30% and with an adaptation would be able to raise by a scissor action up to kitchen cupboard hight and also would enable me to talk to anyone at face height, it also reduces in height to fit under a desk or table. A company called Motabilility supply and service the chair they do everything, not only service and supply any parts needed plus replacement batteries but also supply insurance, I’m sure there is probably more it can do maybe (make the beds and Hoover the house) but will have to read the manual, I can pay for this with the high mobility element of my PIP (personal independent payment) so for £140.24 per month for 5 years I can have it, hooray! Delivery is about two to three weeks, so look out world I’m coming.

I will write and tell you when it arrives and how I get on with it, that’s all for now take care Amazon lady.