Dark clouds have lifted.

Dark clouds have lifted










Hello everyone I’m back… Not only physical but mentally, and I am very pleased to tell you that The Dark clouds have lifted…. and finally the sun is shining again… As you will see the Blog is now up and running. Not only did I get attacked by a major bout of depression but to top it all off my Blog was attack by a Bot/Robot( those more au fait with computer terminology will understand). The blog has a new look I hope you like it and find it easier to use? If you want to send me a personal email just click the contact at the top of the page. Also don’t forget to send me any comments you have, and pass on the web site details to others.

I maybe didn’t need to write My previous post “Afraid & Alone”  but l felt that I needed to tell you about the good and bad. I also believe that it is important to be aware that days like that do come alone. The important thing is knowing how you deal with it.  I dealt with my dark cloud by writing down my feelings… I was not going to publish it but my sister read it and suggested that I should publish the post because depression is a very important subject that is often not discussed. So I decided to posts my thoughts on-line.

Believe it or not you do have control… even when you are at your lowest point and you feel that you have totally no control… you actually do. Your mind is a very powerful tool and you can trick your body into feeling better by pushing the negative thoughts away and tying to focus on the happy more positive things around you. Ok it is hard to do when you are feeling the lowest of low… But writing down your feelings can help to put things into perspective. It is also a good idea to speak to someone… friends, family your MS nurse or doctor, anyone that will listen to your feelings. Your MS nurse or doctor may prescribe anti-depression tablets until you get through the worst so don’t dismiss them, they can help even for a short period of time, anything that can help until your sunshine comes back like mine. I have added a few useful links below.

My husband has some great friends down at the local pub and they have all been collection vouchers that would get us to Poland Kraków for a weekend holiday. Crazy you may say… But the thought of a holiday, no matter how daunting the prospect of air travel in my current situation is… Having something to look forward to has helped me come out of my doom and gloom. something to plan and look forward to! A lovely couple we know have also said that they would like to come with us so that will be great.

that’s all for now… I hope you are all back on board with me.

All the best AL