Supra pubic Catheter- Drama continues

Catheter Drama copySupra pubic catheter Drama Continues – In my last blog I told you about the saga of spending time in the A&E department of our local hospital. Finally home after the ordeal, with an Indwelling catheter… I wasn’t very happy as you can well imagine, apart from being in pain I was tired, fed up and hungry and all in all, pretty disappointed to have this indwelling thing back again. But that was just the start of another horrendous few weeks…

I called the secretary of my consultant and explained what had happened,  and she came back to me with another appointment to fit a new Supra pubic Catheter, but first I needed to go in on Friday afternoon for an MRSA swap which I did. On Monday at 12 midday was booked into my room and patiently waiting to see my consultant/surgeon, he arrived at 2.30 pm and explained that because no one had asked on the previous Friday to take a urine test… they had done one today and subsequently found that I had a urine infection! The end result being they could not operate ,so I was sent home with instructions to contact my doctor at the end of the week, by which time they would have found out which antibiotics to give me.

On Friday I did as I was asked and yes a prescription was waiting for me at our local chemist, I was to take a fairly high does of Trimethoprim (which fortunately I still am taking) until the operation which had been scheduled for the following Monday…On Monday the operation was done and I was sent home with a second hole in my stomach, next to the previous one. They explained that the reason for this secondary hole was that my bladder and bowel are very close together, so they had to close up the original hole and put in two disposable stitches…. (Which to date are still there).


 Latex Allergy:  All was going well until the third day and I realised that blisters had started appearing on my stomach, bursting then bleeding. It was only then we remembered that I was allergic to latex, which is what the Catheter the hospital put in was made of. Surely they would have had that information on file somewhere????

I called the supplier and explained the situation so they sent two non-latex Catheters by courier to me that Friday. I called the district nurses and one came out that afternoon, (I can’t fault the speed at which everyone responded) the first nurse took out the old Catheter and put the new one in, which hurt like crazy. She could only put 1 ml of the 10 ml fluid injected in the balloon (a Catheter once inserted needs a balloon inflated to keep it in place). With the leg bag attached we waited and waited for urine to flow… but nothing, I tried drinking water but nothing… she tried flushing a sterile liquid into the tube hopefully it would return but again nothing! I was not going back to hospital again so we tried again with the second Catheter, but the same thing happen, absolutely nothing!!!

The nurse decided to call her supervisor who said that I should really go into hospital because they did not really know where that Catheter actually went…. The only other option was to leave it in place and see if by moving back down stairs on my stair lift and sitting in my chair and drinking a warm drink would help. Both nurses suspected that it could be a blood clot that was stopping the urine coming down. They left me with instructions to call out the night nurse team, if I did not see any urine come down into the bag, and they would come out and assess the situation again. This was now 6pm Friday night so had no chance of contacting anyone. What a complete balls up…


 The drama continues: By 7pm… you guessed it still no urine! So I phoned the night nurses and explained the situation again but unfortunately they don’t have catheters, let along non-latex ones. By 8.30 pm two nurses arrived, one was the boss, she assessed the situation and I ended up with two Catheters, the original Supra pubic and an Indwelling, the senior nurse said if she took the Supra pubic out I would have to go through another operation again to put it back so it was better to leave it there and also put in an Indwelling Catheter. I was asked to contact the consultant’s secretary on Monday morning and get him to sort out the problem… He would be able to find the problem if he does an X-ray and then he can see exactly where the catheter has actually gone. Meanwhile I wait for the next part of the catheter drama to unfold… I originally thought I should hold off posting this until I see what happens next…. but decided to post now! Will keep you posted on my not so Supra pubic  Catheter…


Bye for now AL.


My newly acquired MS bladder did not come with a control valve.

My newly acquired MS bladder did not come with a control valve.

No control Bladder copy

My newly acquired MS bladder did not come with a control valve.It was July 2013 I was still working, driving and using a walking stick, couldn’t wear my lovely high heals as I would wobble and look as though I was pissed. So the only way to add a bit of individuality was to match my outfits with different coloured sticks and scarves…

I received a letter from my local hospital and was made an appointment to visit an MS nurse, she I must say has been a Godsend, she talked me though want my needs were, and what was available to me medically.

One of my symptoms was bladder urgency (when I needed to go; I had to go then and there! But my newly acquired MS bladder did not come with a control valve). Needless to say I had many embarrassing accidents, which resulted in my decision to start using incontinent pads. My new undergarment accessories were initially fairly small, but my missing bladder control valve eventually led to me having to use the nighttime pad size, which I bought in bulk on line.

I started on a course of medication for my bladder urgency, as well as pain relief but each tablet had certain side effect but I had to weigh up the benefits against those side effects. Well! 18months later and many changes to my medication we seem to had got it right, at long last I’m out of pain, how long for not sure but will enjoy it while I can. It was also suggested that I take some extra vitamins such as Evening Primrose oil, Fish Oil, vitamin D, zinc and Vitamin B12, which I take. Some of the side effects of the other medication include constipation, weight gain and oedema (Swelling of my knees) to name a few.

My MS team also held a course one night each week for 5 weeks that was for sufferers and careers, which was very informative. But after that I was on my own, I being the person I am was not ready to sit back and carry on without knowing what was out there so off I went iPad in hand.

I first joined the MS society and the on line Forma that I found was very useful, but I still didn’t find the answers to my questions. I made a list of all that was out there available and posted that list on the Forma, I got a lot of thanks as some people were not aware of some things out there for instance list below.

  • Radar Key (opens every disabled toilet in the UK)
  • Radar Card (show to shop keepers if you need to use the staff toilets urgently, explains you have MS
  • Blue Badge (get from your council)
  • PIP (personal independent payment)..
  • Access to Work (call your local DWP office)

My newly acquired MS bladder did not come with a control valve.