Back on track

Hi there … I am pleased to say that I am finally Back on Track…Due to an unfortunate hiccup with someone cyber bugs attacking my Blog, I have been off line for quite sometime now… However I employed the services of a very talented guy who helped to clean out the bugs and he set up my Amazon-Lady with a clean fresh, bug free new look. I hope you all like it, I am dearly hoping that my many loyal followers are still out there and still interested in visiting and commenting on Amazon-Lady.
Writing my regular posts has been a great distraction for me in the past and reading all the lovely comments helped me feel connected to the outside world, it also gave me a much needed boost on those days when I struggle with this dreaded MS. I wasn’t sure wether I had lost the plot,  but after being off line for such a long time my sister commented that I was sounding a little down and suggested that we try and get back on track. I believe that we have had a long enough break and we are now ready to do exactly that. I have regained control of my computer and there’s no stopping me now.

RIP Cyber Bugs… The pescy little critters have been eradicated and are now safley locked up in their cyber cell.
So please come back and read my news and let me know what you have all been doing too. Quite a lot has happened in the months that I have been unable to post blogs and now I am back on track and hope to get you all up-to-date with my news in the coming weeks….

Here we go… See you soon AL x