Allergic reaction to something?


Allergic to something? … Lets deal with the allergies first. This is not your common allergy to pollen or seeds; this is an allergy to something used in the operation theatre. On both occasions I had a Suprapubic Catheter inserted; within three days of the surgery I came out in blisters on my stomach, that subsequently burst (sorry if your eating), so I must be allergic to something they used during the time I was in the theatres. The first time was the 19/10/15. When I was home we were scrupulous with hygiene, cleaning the area with antiseptic wipes twice a day, morning and night, drying with sterile swabs and initially covering the wound with adhesive dressings. However despite all our efforts, two days later the blisters started and initially we thought it was something we were using, so we changed everything; different sterile cleansing wipes, we charged the adhesive dressings to melolin pads attached to my skin with medical grade tape. So in the morning when more blisters arrived we were both scratching our heads ” what the devil could it be”?  I called the district nurse and she arrived with a colleague, they both said they have never seen this before…  I had already contacted my supply of bladder equipment and they had sent a silicon-free catheter that arrived the next day, so was here when the nurses arrived, they decided to change the Suprapubic that had been inserted one week previous for the new one (big mistake I learned later). Unfortunately they could not get the new one in, so I was sent to A & E. That episode is in detail on a post I previously published; you can take a look later. That date was the 30/1/16 there I was fitted with a Indwelling catheter which I have had several times before.

So I was booked in for another operation, I explained to my consultant what had happened so he made sure the next catheter was silicon free, he said that the nurses should have know better, they should never have tried to replace a Suprapubic so soon after it was put in, it would never have had the time to heal and form a tube/tunnel to my bladder after the operation so it would have been impossible to replace it that way. The only way would I do this would be with another operations.


So after under going the second operation on the 18/2/16 to insert another catheter, this time a silicone free one. I was sent home… but three days later the blisters came out again. This time I went back to my consultant who took the catheter out in his office, and said that there was no point leaving it in, he would send me to a dermatologist to find out what I was allergic too. There was no point going though that again until we find out what was causing the reaction. So again I wait till an appointment comes through to see someone, how long that will take God only knows.

Well believe it or not it wasn’t until the 20/5/16, some three months later that I received the letter and attended an appointment. I had to explain to the consultant all about my predicament so he knew what I was there for, anyway he had not heard of this but after eliminating a number of things that could be causing the reaction, he came up with the plastic sticky sheet they place over the stomach when they operate. Apparently this has started to come up as a problem recently, for the life of me I can’t find out what it’s called and cant remember what he said it was, anyway that’s what he thinks it is so they did a blood test and they said the results would be back within two weeks. In the mean time I would need me to come back for a further patch test to confirm there was nothing else that could possibly be causing a reaction. He also said that he did not think the urologist consultant would be too happy if the problem happened again, so he wanted to be completely sure he gets to the bottom of the problem.

My son gets married in August I wonder what the chances are that I will have this sorted and a new Suprapubic catheter inserted by then, probably more chance of flying to the moon, but let’s think positively.

Ps… Sorry about the spelling. Corrections have now been made.