Facial hair

 A Furry

Facial hair –  I am sure I have grown more facial hair in the last couple of years so I’ve looked on-line to see if it’s  one of the side effects from some of the tablets I’m taking.  luckily I’m blonde or used to be before I started developing natural grey highlights, so my facial hair is not so visible to others. Maybe Multiple Sclerosis is turning me into a werewolf…that would be a novel new symptom to talk about.

Anyway after much research and discussion with forum friends at http://www.community.mssociety.org.uk/forums/everyday-living  it seems Mother Nature  is playing a nasty trick on me and many other ladies of a certain age. Apparently as we get older we lose hair from certain areas on our body and grow more on others: hair on our legs and under arms gradually disappears (can’t wait for that, not having to saving legs and under arms will be a bonus) but hair grows on your face (and chinny chin chin) so what to do to fight back.

A friend asked if I could explain a little about certain treatment options and i thought that may be an interesting post…so I went off into cyberspace again and started my research… apologies to those that know all this but there are others that don’t, so here we go.

Well there are quite a few options:  shaving (don’t thing I want to join my husband doing that each and every day) – plucking with tweezers (once you start ladies you have to keep going) creams and laser treatment (not recommend for blonde or grey hair, so that’s me out) epilators (tried that one – God it hurts like hell on the face) waxing and treading (had that on my eye brows, but on my upper lip too painful for me) and I’m sure there are many more I haven’t either mentioned or tried, but so far nothing seems to works permanently. I have just purchased a well know hair removal device that is advertised everywhere (sure you know which brand I’m talking about) I will try it out and if it works I will then let you know.

Just I little note about the men they don’t get away with it,they lose hair on top  of their head and hair grows from their nose and ears, so don’t think it’s just us ladies. 🙂

Hair removal and creams: 


Fairly self-explanatory, you can lighten hair on your upper  lip area or apply removal cream and do read instructions as if left too long can cause damage.

Laser treatment:

Tria-Hair-Removal-Technology1Laser treatment Is the process of removing unwanted hair by exposure to pulses of laser light, that destroy the hair follicles. This needs to be done by qualified professionals, prices can start from £29.00 per session but depending or hair colour and type you may need a number of sessions, this could work out to be quite expensive.



An epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out (ouch) I do have an epilators in my draw in my dressing table that contains most of these items, they either haven’t worked for me or I’m too much of a wimp to continue using them.



This can either be done at a beauticians or at home with one of the many waxing products for sale, basically for those that don’t know, warm wax is applied to the area that you have unwanted hair, a strip of special (paper) for want of a better description – is smoothed over the waxed area and in one swift movement is pulled off again, and hopefully the wax and hair is taken off.  Again I have tried this, both at a salon and at home, the salon was ok, but now can’t access my local salon as can’t get up the stairs as I am now in a wheelchair, tried at home but I haven’t found it very successful. If it does work for you need to repeat the process every 4-6 weeks depending how quick your hair growth is.



Threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating in Central Asia & India. A cotton thread is used to glide across the skin removing excess hair. It has to be seen to be believed… It is  definitely an art, I’ve had my eye brows threaded and it works… but OUCH it did hurt! and I don’t think I could tolerate it on my chin or upper lip.

So there you go …a run down of facial hair for us ladies along with some of the ways to remove it. I hope you found the post about Facial Hair useful and please do write a comment, and if anyone has found the answer to getting rid of it, please share with us.
PS don’t forget to pass on the blog details to anyone that might be interested.  All the best AL

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My wheelchair and I are joining a gym!

My wheelchair and I are joining a gym!

wheel chair workout

I need to get in some sort of shape… (nice if it could be Angelina Jolie or even Jamie lee Curtis, but beggars can’t be choosers). Getting my head back into reality world… I  think the only way to get anywhere with my weight is to join a gym, one that can accommodate a wheelchair user… In never occurred to me… or rather I had never given much thought to the logistics of being able to do gym exercise from my wheel chair…. But if you think about it all I have to do is sit and what I really need to do is build  my upper and core body strength… so I could do that from my wheelchair.

After seeing my mother looking so fit at 78… well if she can do it then so can I…So trusty iPad to the rescue again and online I went to look for web site – I searched for “Wheelchair exercise classes locally” found “English Federation of Disability Sports” so i have decided that My  wheelchair and I are joining a gym!

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Big Girl Pants

Big Pants
Who ever GARY is… The rightfull owner of this image! I hope you don’t mind me using it here. (I couldn’t find any details about you to mention on the post). Love your work. “:-)

Hi there… today I have titled my post “big girl pants“.
After posting my last blog about the Suprapubic catheter, i had to tell you a little story about the image on that blog… I have told you that i have recruited my sister (who lives in Australia) to be my editor… she has a quick look over my posts and checks for any obvious “lesion related typos or mistakes”. Each time i have finished a post, I place it in the drafts section and she then searches the internet for images to go with that particular post- we are a pretty good team really.

For the Suprapubic Catheter blog she searched “Suprapubic Catheters‘ and all she could find were pretty graphic pictures with body parts showing… none of which were suitable (we don’t want to put anyone off their breakfast). She finally found a pic which was a simple line drawing of a ladies Silhouette… nothing nasty… but it did have the outline of the simple v shape. Well she decided to rectify the ladies modesty by adding a pair of black knickers to complete the opening graphic. It was not until a few days after the post was published that she sent me the image without knickers…

Receiving that email with the original image and then the black nickers image gave me a good laugh. If she is tuned in and sensitive enough about preserving the dignity of a line drawing she must also understand how important it is for me to preserve my own dignity. I thought i would write this blog to give you all a bit of a giggle… Hope you enjoy the big girl pant:

Have you seen “Bridget Jones Diary” ? Where a customs officer holds up Bridget pants, which are huge! Well those could be mine (yes I would love to wear small frilly knickers, but that’s not going to happen)  the picture on the post “Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter ” the girl is slim and is wearing a small pair of black pants, it’s just to show the Suprapubic catheter, In reality my knickers would cover the catheter really well… as mine go up and over my belly button …not sexy but practical and comfortable which is important when there is so many other things to worry about. I try and look as good as I can on the top layer, try to wear something nice each day with matching accessories, makeup, jewellery, purfum but underneath is another story, comfort and security is the key, if that’s ok then the top layer works.

I don’t know about you but it gets my knickers in a knot when all you ever see on the TV or magazines are slim and gorgeous bodies with the smallest piece of perfectly fitting lace and silk… Get real! how many people really look like that? I did buy some Ell McPherson knicker once… in the hope that they would make me look like her… but it just did not work. “Maybe i had them on the wrong way round”! 🙂
My sister told me  about a time when she went to a lingerie party a long while ago and the woman sold her a pair of knickers “g-string hold you in pants”… well you can imagine how they would feel… and no! they did not manage to hold anything in; they just “as you can imagine” made everything bulge out in a most unattractive way. Anyway…I just had to add this image because it should answer a lot of questions about why the size and shape on simple underclothes have change so dramatically… ITS BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING!

Globalwarming copy

Back to some other news… This morning I had to give some blood at our Doctors surgery, they are testing my under active thyroid, my high cholesterol, my liver function oh yes and my Vitamin D levels, hope they don’t find anything else wrong I take enough tablets as it is already, I rattle now… well I would if I could walk.
I asked for three of these tests as I haven’t had a blood test since been given tablets for my thyroid and cholesterol. I don’t know if the tablets for my under active thyroid are working or not, do they need increasing? My cholesterol level was 7.3  and I believe I’ve managed to lower it to within the preferred limits – now 4.4 so do I really need to be on statins any longer? (my Consultant doesn’t think so, he personally doesn’t like Statins) I think the liver test is to see how all these tablets are effecting my liver, it can’t be doing it much good, but don’t know what other options I have.

The vitamin D test is something my MS nurse wanted me to get tested. Its one of the things that they have been looking at re the causes of MS, vitamin D deficiency! In my case I was brought up in Africa so had 10 years of sunshine vitamin D, but my MS nurse said that apparently you can’t absorb Vitamin D until you reach puberty, I don’t know if that’s correct but if it is and I have no reason to doubt my nurse I maybe do have Vit D deficiency, I do take extra in the form of tablets now but will see what the blood test says. The last blood tests I had were in November 2014 so think it’s time to see if things have changed.

Well thats all for now…  Hope you enjoyed reading Big Girl Pants! feel free to comment and why not add your own personal story about – What gets your knickers in a knot?
We can all have a giggle together.
Over and out A L.

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Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter

Thank goodness!… Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter! Last week I had an appointment with my Urologist to have a Cystoscopy which has confirmed that my bladder is actually of the right size “what size that is, I don’t know and didn’t ask either” but he said that I could now have a Suprapubic catheter.

Now I just have to wait for a letter to confirm an appointment. This time I will have to have a general anaesthetic because the operation involves cutting a small hole in my stomach; just above my pubic bone (hence the name Suprapubic) then placing a catheter though that hole so it will take over from the Indwelling catheter I currently have and also have many issues with. I really feel that the suprapubic is the way to go.

My sister is really against me having this done… I can’t see why but I think it’s because she had seen a lady in hospital with a similar catheter that was not cared for particularly well. I don’t think she thinks I can care for it properly, but at 55 I think I can look after myself. I know she only worries but there’s no need too, I need to be able to take care of myself and if that means being extra careful and fastidious about cleanliness then so be it. It is very important for me to remain as independent as possible and it is of utmost importance to maintain as much of my personal dignity as possible. I need to get out of this house and I believe this will allow me to take control again. This is the main reason for not going out, because I am so self-conscious about it. Anyway will keep you informed and let you know when I get my appointment, fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

I contacted a couple of suppliers, the one I get my existing equipment from, plus another that was suggested on the video from the web site below. http://www.healthtalk.org/peoples-experiences/chronic-health-issues/living-urinary-catheter/indwelling-catheters-suprapubic-catheters

I decided to look at the operation on you tube, and also checked out many sites to see all the possible options… which length of catheter and which bags I was going to use?

I want to show the consultant exactly what I want when the time comes, I don’t just want the equipment the NHS supply’s. Might get some resistance but I am determined to have it my way, after all it’s my body and I have to live with it. Still both suppliers are sending me samples so will see which one I will go with.

I don’t want leg bags because they have never worked for me, not with my current catheters anyway. I want a small bag I can tuck in my underwear with a tie that goes around my waist to hold it in place. This set up will mean that I can wear my trousers and leggings again… ok with a long top, but most people wear that over leggings anyhow. At least I will not have to worry about a leg bag falling down again, and I can be more confident and get out and back into the world.

The specialist also suggested I have Botox injections in my bladder at the same time. I asked what that was for, he said with bladder urgency (which is what I suffer from, just one of the side effects of MS) the bladder tends to go into spasms and the Botox stops that so it should stop any leakage from my urethra. So I’ll wait for my appointment, and keep everything crossed.

It was interesting to speak to a really nice and helpful guy from one of the supplier, he told me about his company that was started by a guy who is a paraplegic himself… he couldn’t find what he needed for his particular requirements, so he started his own company.

Please take a look at his website you may also find something that you have been looking for to help with your individual requirements. http://www.manfred-sauer.co.uk/thighbags

7004diagram 7004S-photo

We were discussing the fact that when I had my investigation procedure yesterday, afterwards the nurse replaced my catheter with a new one… it was a male catheter, much longer than the one I have come in with which was a female one… the consultant said that the NHS were now only using male catheters for both male and female, why I ask!…He said that on too many occasions nurses had just picked up catheters without looking to check if male or female, and some female catheters had been fitted into male patient and caused damage to their bladders… so the NHS had made the decision to offer only one catheter male ones.

You can still get female catheters on prescription, but this guy confirmed what the consultant had said, so at present I have a male catheter which is not only extremely long (down to my knees) but much thinner than my female one, so it will only be a matter of time before this one falls out too…that will make a total of 14 catheters in 9 months “must he heading for a record”. I do have my own personal supply of female catheters now, so there are no real worries there.

I hope you have found my post Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter interesting …that’s all for now keep well out there.AL

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Botox in your bladder… who knew?


Botox injections in bladder.

Who knew Botox could be injected in your bladder “ouch”. Look at the following web page for full information http://www.windsorurology.co.uk apparently it not only works on wrinkles on your face but is effective in relaxing the bladder muscles, it reduces the need to visit the toilet as frequently as one did before. Well I have an appointment on Thursday to see my Urologist so he can check out my bladder, if the size is ok(what constitutes a normal size bladder I don’t know) anyway if it conforms to the right size I can then have these Botox injections that last between 6 to 9 months, I did ask him if he has the time could he just add a little extra Botox to the lines on my face, (whether he does I’ll wait and see)getting back to the bladder size if it’s not big enough then they either streak it by inflating a balloon via a catheter inside(no choice in colour) or have to  surgically increase the size (doesn’t bare think about that option) so all being well the first option sound more promising, so fingers crossed could alleviate the need for a Suprapubic catheter after all.

Ankle screw 

ankle bolt

Appointment made to see the surgeon that operated on my leg and ankle, he said I should return if I have any problems or if the screw in my ankle protruded more than the 3mm it had when I left the hospital, well my ankle has swollen and is very painful to walk on(not that I can walk very far )so appointment is the end of August, not as quick as I hoped but there you go, I suppose I will need an X-ray and stay in hospital to take the screw out, hope he can do it under a local anesthetic rather than a general as I don’t relish another stay in hospital again, I expect I will need to recover again which better not be as long as last time.

More blood tests


Another appointment made this time at my Doctors surgery, I have been on Levothyroxine 50mg a day for an under active thyroid, and Atorvastatin 20mg a day for high cholesterol, since March and haven’t had a blood test to check my progress so thought it might be a good idea to see how I’m doing so that’s next week.

Physiotherapy Appointment today

Had my monthly Physiotherapy appointment this morning, normal chat told her that I have been unable to do some of the exercises she gave me last time, mainly the standing and leg stretching one, as with my ankle causing problems and my leg strength weakness progressing I have been concentrating on my core strength, she has reduced the leg and increased the arm and core exercises now for me. I was extremely disappointed with my weight loss as it has been a month since my last weigh in and I have religiously stuck to my diet but my weight has stayed the same, she tried to reassure me that I’m do everything right but am almost losing a battle as I have trouble moving and the tablet I’m on work against any effort to lose weight as they are known to put weight on, anyway she said she will make an appointment for me with the dietitian, she also gave as another walking frame as my husband bent the other one by standing on it trying to fit it to go between the stair rail upstairs and made it quite unsafe. Another appointment made for a months time.

Electric Bed

Think I told you I’ve been having major problems sleeping since I broke my leg and ankle, I slept on a hospital bed in our conservatory for 8 months before we had a stair lift installed to get me upstairs to our bedroom and our bed, but there in lies the problem I got use to being able to manover the bed into a position that was comfortable as it was electric, I could also raise the height so as to get up and out of the bed. Well cut a long story short my local MS Society have sent me a form that I completed and returned with two quotes and a letter from my consultant, and it looks as though they will fund it for me, keep your fingers crossed as that will be fantastic I crave a good nights sleep I’m sure that once I get a good nights rest, get the bladder sorted and my ankle dealt with the rest might fall into place, hopefully. So my thought for the day is never give up, keep trying every avenue you will find the help from somewhere.

Just thought you would new post  “Botox in your bladder… who knew?and updates on my daily M S diary, hope you enjoyed reading…All the best AL

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Tell me all about… you and me!

Tell me about you & me…

YOU and Me

I have been so excited about my mum & brother visiting, but I have also been feeling a little apprehensive… What would we say to each other? Would we get on?… I wanted her to “Tell me all about… you and me!Its been such a long time since we actually sat and talked “Face to Face” and the anticipation of the long-awaited visit has given me butterflies in my stomach. Understandably, It did take a day or so to get back to being mother and daughter, which might sound a little strange, but it must have been hard for mum to come back to the house that she and dad lived in for so many years. The house has changed quite  a lot in the 26 years that we have lived here… but basically its still the same.

During the visit my Mum and I spent a day at home together, my son had taken my husband and brother to London for the day, to the Olympic stadium and had pie, mash and liquor for lunch. The boys packed off for the day left Mum & I with a day to ourselves and the perfect opportunity to focus on catching up on 14 years of mum & daughter stuff!…We found a comfy spot in the sun drenched conservatory and Mum went off to make coffee…  we sat and talked and talked for hours… there was lots and lots of laughter and as you would expect a fair few tears as well.

I started by asking mum to “tell me all about the past’… she said “where shall i start?” and i replied “start at the very beginning”…  So she started by telling me about the time when she was only two years old  and she her mum and younger sister were evacuation to York during the war. Mum and her mother (my Grandmother) didn’t like the place where they were billeted to… it was in a pub with a landlady  and my grandmother did not like her so they packed up their bags and returned to London to wait out the war.

Mum told me about the shelter they had under the dining table made out of the metal cage that the government had supplied to each family; and how her mother placed a packed suitcase inside with a table-cloth over it so they could have a small table to eat their tea on it. She also told me about the day her dad came back on leave and the first they knew about it was when their dog went completely mad… He had heard my granddad whistle from quite a long way down the road, so they let the dog out and he charged down the road jumping right into her father’s arm, elated to see his owner had returned.

I also heard the story about how my father asked my mother out and she turned him down the first time, but he persisted “thank god” and so they became the perfect inseparable couple…my father proposed on the top of a double-decker bus in London. They married and  much to my grandmothers disgust they move out of the country with my fathers job. Sometime later I was conceived and mum returned to give birth to me in the UK, fathers at that time weren’t allowed in during the birth but on hearing the good news that both mother and child were fine my father arrived to see his wife and as he called me “his princess” with two dozen red roses…he was thrilled.

At 3 weeks I was placed in a wicker bassinet surrounded by terry towelling nappies (no disposables then) and we three went back to Africa.  Again my grandmother was dismayed that I could be flown out of this country at such a young age…but I think if the truth was know my father had enough of staying with his in-laws.

Two years later my sister my born  and two years after that my bother was born…though he of cause had to be different and upstage both his sisters. My mother explained that she was holding an important dinner party when  she went into labour during the dessert…but as mum does she carried on as the hostess she is until people started to leave. when the final guest had left she turned calmly to my father and said “darling I think we should go to the hospital”… my bother was born on the front seat of a land Rover and luckily mum had taken a towel with her so was able to wrap the new bundle up and cradle the baby until there arrived at the hospital. The doctors and midwife where waiting and they cut the cord, took baby and escorted mum on a wheelchair into the hospital. So that night after the special dinner party our family was complete two girls and a new baby boy.

It was amazing to talk to mum this way, we have never talked like this before and I have never heard these stories before, (why I hear you say)but don’t forget not only have I not seen her for 14 years but she and my father have been in Australia for 27 years, so we have not had the chance to sit down just us two and talk, and we did talk until both of us ended up with sore throats.

Anyway back to my childhood and what followed from the age of five … We all became well-traveled children visiting many countries though my fathers work, until in 1969 when we eventually came back to England, I think that was manly so that us children could get a British education. My father kept on travelling around the world for his work, I found out from my mum that dad travelled to some 60 counties and went though God knows how many passports.

When my brother had left home to travel around the world after university and I married and left home my dad was offered a job abroad and ask mum if it was the time now to move, so with my mum saying yes they set my sister up in a flat and moved abroad again, eventually settling in Australia some 27 years ago were they had never been happier, they took Australia to their hearts and even because Australia citizens, my brother had moved out there a few years before them and my sister later followed them out there, I stayed here with my husband as he was the only child and had responsible for his parents, but we would dearly love to live out there but I think it would be extremely difficult now that I have MS I’m not sure I would be allowed to enter but I will do so research.

She and my father were made for each other, as my mother said” to find that one person in the world that you love unconditionally in every way possible is very rare”, but they were that couple, that’s when the tears started … my father only passed away one year ago, so it’s still very raw to all of us. They were married for 57 years. There is nothing I or anyone can say or do to take away her pain, so I just ask her to come over to me for a hug, as I couldn’t get to her. That was a very special moment to just give my Mum a big silent hug… No other words were needed!

One of the thoughts is MS is a lack of vitamin D which is absorbed from sunlight, the first 10 years of my life were spent in Africa near the equator, but somewhere I read that you can’t absorb vitamin D until you reach puberty, how true that is I have no idea but I had my fair share of sunshine.

All in all it was an amazing. Hope you enjoy reading “Tell me all about… you and me!”

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A fantastic visit from Mum & brother

Mum & Brother Arrived

What a great few days…  “A fantastic visit from Mum & brother”. my Mum and Brother arrived at Harwich ferry port safe & sound on Wednesday evening. It took ages for them to disembark because there was a problem with the footbridge so foot passengers had to wait until all the fright lorries and cars were off loaded before a coach could be sent to collect the foot passengers. My husband waited for nearly an hour and a half before they landed, but eventually they arrived at home at about 9.30 pm.

Big hugs and kisses all round… it was so good to see them both, and i could not believe how well and YOUNG my mother looked, we could definitely be mistaken as sisters she looks fantastic, much younger than the 78 years she claims to be, I want what she is on, she’s looks not only younger,fitter and slimmer than me but better than the last time I saw her 14 years ago.

My brother looks the same as he did the last time 3 years ago when he came to see us, my dear sister and her husband and son in Australia have been by my mother’s side and been there for her, my brother has taken over for this trip, he has looked after her with this family his wife and two lovely girls. They are a very fit and active bunch and walk everywhere and take no prisoners, mum did know that she would need to train hard before the trip so increased her exercise routine, she has not only surprised my brother and his family but herself that at 78 she can keep up with the youngsters,good on her.

We had many outings and with careful planing I kept up to my surprise, only one little incident that thankfully happen on our return to home, my leg bag became full and getting in and out of the car the straps that hold the bag to my leg had become lose, it then started travelling  down my leg until my mother fortunately stopped a strap escaping, so mum held the strap which was still attached while I tried to get in the house with my Rollator, and we managed to get to the cloakroom which I had to back into so with a bit of giggerry pockary but got there.  I later explained to mum that until I had the new Suprapubic catheter fitted I was constantly in fear that this would happen in public, so that was the main reason for me avoiding going out for any length on time, she completely understood.

On another occasion we all when to the seaside my brother pushed me in my wheelchair but found it hard not because as I suggested I was heavy but as an NHS wheelchair one fits all it was not really suitable for me,I am not only a big lady weight wise but as I’ve said before 6 foot 1 inch, my brother cycles everywhere in Australia and said that my weight in the wheelchair was not far back enough and not over the wheels, meant little to me but that’s why he said it’s hard to push and why I find it hard to wheel myself and it’s very heavy, well the next day my brother had found on the Internet a local mobility shop, he found a chair he thought would be suitable for me and called them to check if they supplied that make which they did, so after he spoke to my mother(who wanted to buy me something that would be of benefit) he suggested we go and take a look, so off we went.

Anyway to cut a long story short I was measured up for this fantastic light weight heavy-duty (RED) I choose the colour wheelchair, their will order the basic model and when it comes they come out and fit it to me then send it back to the manufacturers to change by adding or  subtracting to fit , bring it back and if I am completely satisfied they have arranged with my mother to email the bill to her. So much for just going out to look, but I was very thankful and promised to send photos by email of my progress with the chair, my brother said he expected to see my shoulders increase by a couple of inches and had arm muscles due to self-propelling the chair, well we will see. I will keep them posted and email photos of my new chair when it arrives and test it out for you all.

Anyway it was a great visit I thing everyone had a good time.I had an email from my brother saying my mother hasn’t stopped talking about it to his girls, my dear husband was a star did all the cooking so I thanked him as I don’t know how I would have done it without him, thanks darling.

I am exhausted and will be catching up with sleep and getting back to a routine the rest of the week ready to start again with the hospital visits next week, first one Monday Physio.

Hope you enjoyed this post “A fantastic visit from Mum & brother”.

All the best AL

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M S foot exchange programme

MS Foot exchange

Cold Feet

One of the things I find so hard to deal with is my MS ice cold frozen feet.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, I just can’t seem to warm them up. I could put my feet in a fire (which I don’t recommend you do at home or anywhere else for that matter) it wouldn’t do anything to alleviate the pain. The only way I can explain it if you were to put your feet in to a bucket of ice and then realise that you couldn’t take them out again… The pain would get to you, it makes you want to try anything take anything to stop the pain but nothing works.


when I asked my Consultant if anything can be done about the pain, he said the nerve endings are shot to pieces due to the MS and the only way to help with the pain is to increase the neuropathic pain medication

I did make a flippant comment, saying well as neither of my legs work and are extremely cold and painful I might as well exchange them both for ice skating blades, at least that way I could walk and run or even skate around… Mind you i might add that when my legs did work I couldn’t run or skate anyway.

If only there was such a programme… where I could exchange my ice cold MS feet for some nice warm normal ones….But alas the above image is not real… There is no exchange programme  but my comment  did make light of the moment and bought a smile to his face.

I looked on-line to see if I could find anything that might help reduce this awful pain in my feet and stumbled upon this website which I though extremely informative its a long read, but worth a look when you get the time. http://www.medmerits.com>…>DiseasesandConditions>Parkinsonism Centre

As I have been sitting in this chair for what seems like an eternity so hubby suggested we go out to look at indoor plants… some in our conservatory need to be replaced because they have died due to lack of attention while I was incapacitated (broken leg and ankle).

Whilst we were out on a plant hunting trip, the wheelchair was causing  a bit of a problem…the right wheel was rubbing against the arm rest making it very difficult  to push the chair. I will call the wheelchair supplier to come and take a look. The wheelchair does come in handy because we can’t push a trolley around as well as a chair… anyway I managed to put a large pot plant about 4 foot tall between my feet and the other bits and pieces sat on my lap…we got a few strange looks and a lot of smiles when I said who needs a trolley when you have a wheelchair.

Our next task was to find a way to get the large 4 foot plant into the car without the compost falling out… we managed to  get it behind the driver’s seat so that worked out well and our new plant is now in its new home in the conservatory.

When we got home I called the wheelchair guy and he came round the next morning (what great services) he said he would put a couple of spacers on each side so the chair so shouldn’t touch the wheels,they would be with us in a day or so if they are in stock… he would come round and fit ASAP.  What a lovely man.

Just waiting for letters one from my consultant to tell me his findings from my X-ray on my knees plus what medication he may give me to help with my increased pain due to the progression of my MS.

The other letter I’m waiting for is from the urologist to see what he will do and when, so once again a waiting game. Oh yes forgot to tell you my rise and recline chair broke on Monday and the guy came out yesterday and said it needs a good service, so waiting for that as well, also waiting on the larger 30ml balloon Catherta to arrive so nurse can fit it.

Will up date you on all when I know, bye for now AL




Special guest from Australia (my Mum)



Special guest from Australia (my Mum) Cleaning like mad as I have a very special guest coming to see me very soon… a very special visitor that I haven’t seen for the past 14 years… She is comming all the way from Australia and the very special visitor is… MY MUM!


The last time I saw my mum was at my sisters wedding… all those years ago. My husband, son and I traveled to Australia and I was my sisters matron on honour, that was a lovely holiday that was made even better with my sister beautiful wedding. The wedding was held on a boat in Melbourne harbour ( the boat was an old restored Sydney ferry). At the time my whole family was there my brother his wife and two girls my sisters and new husband and their son who was only a baby then and my Mother and Father, sadly my Dad is no longer with us he died just a year ago in June.

My brothers wife is Germany they try and fly to Germany every couple of years to see her Mother, this time they  thought they would bring my Mother with them to see  Germany. My brother is brining mum over to England on a ferry from the Hook of Holland to Harwich were we can pick them up to stay with us for a week. I know that seems a short time to stay when they have come such a long way but better that than nothing. I can’t wait to see her and my brother and i am very excited to have these special visitors. Hence all the cleaning…. we have been cleaning and rearranging every room, “well my husband has with my help” were I can.

I think it will be a big shock for them both to see me, they of cause know I have MS but I don’t think they realise how bad I am, probably my fault as when I speak to my Mum I make light of thing saying I’m fine, my brother did come over for a weekend the last time he went to Germany, but then I was working, driving and just using a walking stick so he will see the progression in my MS, anyway can’t wait to see them both especially my Mum, I’m sure there will be lots of tears as she’s coming back to the house that she and my Father lived in before they emigrated to Australia some 30 years ago, so she will notice a great deal of change not only in the house but the village.

I am a bit worried about how I am going to cope with my catheter while my Mother and Brother are here, I know you are probably saying don’t be stupid it’s your family but don’t forget I haven’t seen my Mum for years so I am a bit nervous, how silly I hear you saying but there you go that’s me. I’ve just received an email from my brother that they have arrived safely  in Germany with a photo of my Mum on a train eating a pretzel,so it’s getting nearer to their visit, do hope the weather improves but the most important thing is seeing them a week today.

Just had to tell you my news about my special Guest from Australia – My Mum. Will write again next week … Amazon-lady


Day out in the country


Day out 1

Day out in the country. Weekend lovely weather,decided to visit some friends for the day, hubby had promised to play a round of golf with his mate, so we packed the car with golf electric trolley, golf clubs and my wheelchair and off we went at about 9am.

The journey was going to take about 2 hours so left early, we’ll fairly early. I put on a maxi shirt with tee-shirt and long cardigan to hide as best I could the leg bag that was attached to my catheter. We managed to stop just before our friends house next to fields where there was absolutely no one or nothing around to empty my leg bag, which had filled up in the 2 hour journey, so that was empty when we arrived at their home. Unfortunately their house is set on a hill and access for me is only though the back patio doors, but at least I could get in with a bit of manovering, did end up with half a bush in my hair but hey just adds to the look,got into the kitchen though the patio door backwards over a fairly high step,but was welcomed with coffee and cake.


Our wonderful hostess had arranged a roast diner with all the trimmings(bang goes the diet for the day), she had arranged it for when the guys got back from golf, could be sometime but beef put in on a low temperature. We talked and drank coffee for hours which was great to have a girl to talk too,we talked about everything and anything it was great.

One of the things we talked about(and there is a reason for this that I will get to later)was her back problem which she had been suffering with for it seemed like years,she like me has a high arch in her back and can’t lie flat ,and constantly takes strong pain killers each day, I too apart from my MS have the same problem with my back, having a high arch so I find it almost impossible to lie on my back, which courses me big problems with a night bag for my catheter.

I told her to try to lie on her back raise her knees with a pillow underneath, suggested she try it, well the following day she couldn’t wait to call me she was so excited that for the first time that she could remember she had sleept through the night with a pillow under her knees, she woke up and didn’t need to take any tablets all day so was delighted, so if any of you have the same problem do try it see if it helps.

Well I’ve tried something different,I know I’ve got an appointment on Friday to see my consultant and one of the questions I have for him is how soon can I get the Suprapubic Catheter, but in between I have found another way to use my night bag with the catheter, as I can’t stay still all night, I’ve disconnect the tube and put back the blue cap and shut the value on the catheter end, I then wake up when I feel I need to empty my bladder and connect myself to the night bag, empty bladder and disconnect and go back to sleep, I think I wake about four or five times a night but I do get more sleep this way than I got the other way so I will keep this going until I get an appointment to change to the other catheter.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Day out. Please do write any comments you have especially if you try the pillow under your knees at night and get any benefit that could help others,and sign in with your email details so you can automatically get my next post and come back and read more. Bye for now A L.