Brain Power

One of the hardest things with any kind of chronic disease is the constant battle with your brain… Whilst you know that you have pretty much no control of MS; you know that the symptoms will progress and your body will gradually deteriorate… It is a constant battle to ward off the feelings of panic – fear and denial. Your whole body is screaming out…. WHY ME! Please let this be a bad dream that I will wake up from!

Although it seems quite simple and straightforward – reaching that point of acceptance is possibly the key to bringing some kind of peace back into your world. We are of cause fighting against a natural instinct to fight and never give up… From a very young age many of us are taught to fight and not give up hope… Well! reaching a point of acceptance is actually not giving up we just have to try and trick our brains into believing that “we are in control” – and if the universe is going to throw this shit at us… for what ever reason… we will accept that it is OUT OF OUR CONTROL and we will live our lives in the best most comfortable way possible … We will accept what ever shit your dreaded disease throws at us and we will do the best we can to survive.

It seems all a bit impossible but there is much research about the power of positive thinking and many scientists believe that much of our minds power is underutilised. I am not for a moment suggesting that anyone can beat MS or any other Chronic disease simply with positive thinking, but I believe that getting into a better state of mind could (Tricking our brains) and help us deal with the everyday issues and help ease the worry that all of us living with Chronic illness struggle with every day.

I searched the Internet for information about the power of positive thinking and came up with lots of clinical jargon … But then I found this.

I have actually never read this book but it is actually quite cute… Light hearted but with a good strong moral I thought it would be nice to share the link.

I hope all who read this do not take offence or think that in any way I am suggesting that we can overcome our dreaded illnesses by simple positive thinking… Oh if only that were possible. All l am saying is that we all have a choice… we can either sit and cry at our misfortune or we can kick it in the teeth mentally and get on with our lives in the most positive way possible.









On that note I would like to take this opportunity to share this little MS Rhyme… If all else fails curl up in bed and sleep it off. 🙂

Good Night AL X