Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter

Thank goodness!… Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter! Last week I had an appointment with my Urologist to have a Cystoscopy which has confirmed that my bladder is actually of the right size “what size that is, I don’t know and didn’t ask either” but he said that I could now have a Suprapubic catheter.

Now I just have to wait for a letter to confirm an appointment. This time I will have to have a general anaesthetic because the operation involves cutting a small hole in my stomach; just above my pubic bone (hence the name Suprapubic) then placing a catheter though that hole so it will take over from the Indwelling catheter I currently have and also have many issues with. I really feel that the suprapubic is the way to go.

My sister is really against me having this done… I can’t see why but I think it’s because she had seen a lady in hospital with a similar catheter that was not cared for particularly well. I don’t think she thinks I can care for it properly, but at 55 I think I can look after myself. I know she only worries but there’s no need too, I need to be able to take care of myself and if that means being extra careful and fastidious about cleanliness then so be it. It is very important for me to remain as independent as possible and it is of utmost importance to maintain as much of my personal dignity as possible. I need to get out of this house and I believe this will allow me to take control again. This is the main reason for not going out, because I am so self-conscious about it. Anyway will keep you informed and let you know when I get my appointment, fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

I contacted a couple of suppliers, the one I get my existing equipment from, plus another that was suggested on the video from the web site below.

I decided to look at the operation on you tube, and also checked out many sites to see all the possible options… which length of catheter and which bags I was going to use?

I want to show the consultant exactly what I want when the time comes, I don’t just want the equipment the NHS supply’s. Might get some resistance but I am determined to have it my way, after all it’s my body and I have to live with it. Still both suppliers are sending me samples so will see which one I will go with.

I don’t want leg bags because they have never worked for me, not with my current catheters anyway. I want a small bag I can tuck in my underwear with a tie that goes around my waist to hold it in place. This set up will mean that I can wear my trousers and leggings again… ok with a long top, but most people wear that over leggings anyhow. At least I will not have to worry about a leg bag falling down again, and I can be more confident and get out and back into the world.

The specialist also suggested I have Botox injections in my bladder at the same time. I asked what that was for, he said with bladder urgency (which is what I suffer from, just one of the side effects of MS) the bladder tends to go into spasms and the Botox stops that so it should stop any leakage from my urethra. So I’ll wait for my appointment, and keep everything crossed.

It was interesting to speak to a really nice and helpful guy from one of the supplier, he told me about his company that was started by a guy who is a paraplegic himself… he couldn’t find what he needed for his particular requirements, so he started his own company.

Please take a look at his website you may also find something that you have been looking for to help with your individual requirements.

7004diagram 7004S-photo

We were discussing the fact that when I had my investigation procedure yesterday, afterwards the nurse replaced my catheter with a new one… it was a male catheter, much longer than the one I have come in with which was a female one… the consultant said that the NHS were now only using male catheters for both male and female, why I ask!…He said that on too many occasions nurses had just picked up catheters without looking to check if male or female, and some female catheters had been fitted into male patient and caused damage to their bladders… so the NHS had made the decision to offer only one catheter male ones.

You can still get female catheters on prescription, but this guy confirmed what the consultant had said, so at present I have a male catheter which is not only extremely long (down to my knees) but much thinner than my female one, so it will only be a matter of time before this one falls out too…that will make a total of 14 catheters in 9 months “must he heading for a record”. I do have my own personal supply of female catheters now, so there are no real worries there.

I hope you have found my post Bladder large enough for a Suprapubic catheter interesting …that’s all for now keep well out there.AL

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