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 THE STAIR LIFT SAGA THE STAIR LIFT SAGA.We had a guy from the council come over to let us know that they had approved our funding, but they need two quotes before they could give us the final go ahead.  They sent out another guy who confirmed that they could fit a lift to our stairs […]

literally LOCKED IN

Feeling Lonely and desperate – Literally locked in! http://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/1042065/ I have always tried to stay positive, but some things just get the better on me and I fail… I am a mere human after all!  Literally LOCKED IN.Negative feelings are a bit like weeds in a garden bed, they have a sneaky way of taking […]

My leg was actually broken.

My leg was actually broken. Day by day, Funny and Sad moments.2014 was not a good year in general, my dear Farther died in June after never being ill a day in his life. More about Dad later but for now I will continue on with my story… In September I fell over in the […]

Entitlements and benefits

Entitlements and benefits. This blog contains a little information about benefits & entitlements in the UK . I hope you find it useful- I first looked online at www.gov.uk/benefits to see what I might be entitled too, and found to my relief there was quite a lot…On top of the PIP (Personal Independent Payment) that I had […]

14 Months of Testing

Hi there!  hope your still with me. I will carry on with my story… Let’s get back to 14 months of testing before a final diagnoses.  I was told the reason it takes so long to get a final diagnosis is because the specialists need to rule out all other possible causes. I suppose they […]

What does M.S. really stand for

What does M.S. really stand for Multiple Sclerosis? Major Seclusion Many Situations? My Story? … My Story begins…Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my first attempt at blogging so please excuse me if I don’t follow the normal structure. I wanted to start this blog because I was recently diagnosed with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Maybe […]