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Suprapubic Catheter Hiccup!

Suprapubic Catheter Hiccup! For those of you who are not regular readers of my blog…I recently had a Suprapubic Catheter fitted. All has gone well today but I thought I would write about my recent Suprapubic Catheter Hiccup! My darling husband has become my own personal Male Nurse and taken on the duties of changing my […]

Happy Halloween Birthday SIS…

For those of you who did not know… 31st October is Halloween and also the birthday of my sister better known to you as Amazon-Lady. She has taken the time to go away for a well deserved long week-end break with her hubby, so I would like to take this opportunity as editor of Amazon-Lady.com to wish my sister many happy returns.

New Electric Bed

New Electric Bed Well it’s Friday and two vans with delivery guys have arrived, one van is to take away our old bed, one van has our new electric bed. So the first problem arises, we live in a chalet style house, and what with the tight small stair case which now has my stair lift […]

Suprapubic Catheter

Suprapubic Catheter Suprapubic Catheter finally in place: I went in to hospital yesterday at 12.50pm and was given a general anesthetic at 1.30pm. Arrived in recover and woke at 3.30pm, then I was wheeled back to my room at put into bed at 4.30pm; I was given a ham sandwich, yogurt and coffee. The Surgeon came in said […]

Depression the hidden side of MS

Depression the hidden side of MS I have received a great deal of comments about depression, which has got me thinking… There is a definite stigma attached to depression and I believe that we do not talk about the subject as much as we should and hopefully the more we discuss the topic, the more understanding people in general will have. […]

MS Depression has hit

Each morning I struggle trying to get the catheter in a place to connect the drainage bag, were its comfortable which invariably it’s not, so I am constantly moving around and trying to adjust it into a more comfortable position, having to sit on it all day, that’s all depressing in its self, I hoped to have aged gracefully as I have tried to live my live for the last 55 years, any dignity or air of mystery has long since disappeared, I now feel like I’m just the disabled woman sitting in the corner all day.

More MS Updates

More MS Updates. Operation Date: Letter received confirming 19th October at our local Private hospital, which will be paid for by the NHS, I was as surprised as the next man, lovely that I’m going into a private hospital, have also had my Urologist appointments at this hospital as well, I’m not complaining, I suppose […]