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Supra pubic Catheter- Drama continues

Supra pubic catheter Drama Continues – In my last blog I told you about the saga of spending time in the A&E department of our local hospital. Finally home after the ordeal, with an Indwelling catheter… I wasn’t very happy as you can well imagine, apart from being in pain I was tired, fed up and hungry […]

How are you coping with MS?

How are you coping with MS? I wrote about MS in some detail last year, but wanted to go there again as a lot of you have read and commented on the post, so through an update was due. MS is a complex and complicated condition, from Relapsed and Remittances Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) Secondary Progressive Multiple […]

MS Demons invade my days

  How MS effected my day! … This is just one day in my life with MS.       Well firstly I make one hell of a mess, my MS really effected me this morning, I’ll tell you what happened  I was feeling very down and needed to do something…the dreaded black clouds were hovering overhead, so decided […]

Why I spent the morning in A&E

Why I spent the morning in A&E It started the night before, I was in the bathroom having a wash before bedtime, when taking off my leg bag to attach my night bag I noticed blood coming from my catheter, fortunately I was sitting on the toilet at the time so saved mess on the […]

How was your Christmas?

Happy new year to you all. How was your Christmas? Did it all go well, were there any hiccups? Mine went really well, even without my family who live in Australia, anyway a good time was had by my husband and I,our son who is 26 and lives in London came to spend the week with was, […]

MS and some people’s attitude

MS and some people’s attitude. I am constantly amazed at some people’s attitudes and even more surprised that many people still don’t understand the simple guidelines of wheelchair etiquette. I was recently reminded of this when I read the following article on a  forum I belong to (which I can highly recommend) the MS Society http://www.community.mssociety.org.uk […]

MS when it invades your world

Today is just another day” Just another day when MS when it invades your world… sure someone said that! or something like that, well today I woke from my lovely comfortable electric bed (sorry for those that don’t have one but I would definitely recommend it). The morning routine started with the normal stuff… unplugged myself from my night bag, David my husband emptied it for me bless him, checked stomach area around catheter first