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Back on track

Hi there … I am pleased to say that I am finally Back on Track…Due to an unfortunate hiccup with someone cyber bugs attacking my Blog, I have been off line for quite sometime now… However I employed the services of a very talented guy who helped to clean out the bugs and he set up my Amazon-Lady […]

Fear After Falling…

This is an interesting topic that has made me think about the effects certain things have on us. For instance the Fear after falling. Sometimes I see elderly people walking around with little steps, shuffling their feet as if they are scared to pick them up off the ground. Well maybe this is because they have had a […]

No stopping me now…

Pronto M41 Modulite… coming to live with me. Pronto M41 Modulite… coming to live with me. I’ve been looking for an electric wheelchair I can use indoors as well as out, it would need it fit into our car which has always been the problem as we have an old Rover estate not a specially […]

Allergic reaction to something?

Allergic to something? … Lets deal with the allergies first. This is not your common allergy to pollen or seeds; this is an allergy to something used in the operation theatre. On both occasions I had a Suprapubic Catheter inserted; within three days of the surgery I came out in blisters on my stomach, that subsequently burst (sorry […]

Weekend in Kraków Poland

The weekend in Kraków Poland  was great… The adventure started by us being picked up by a taxis at 5.30 am. our friends were already in the car, my Red Wheelchair slipped easily into the back and off we went. I was a bit stressed though tried not to show it as our friends were a little concerned as well as they […]

Dark clouds have lifted.

                  Hello everyone I’m back… Not only physical but mentally, and I am very pleased to tell you that The Dark clouds have lifted…. and finally the sun is shining again… As you will see the Blog is now up and running. Not only did I get attacked by […]

Afraid & Alone

Last night a wave of depression came over me, I felt very  tearful, isolated, Afraid & Alone … I felt very fearful of what lies ahead….It was not like me because I am for the most part, up beat and positive.  I try to help inspire others as and when I can, but last night something just happened… […]

Supra pubic Catheter- Drama continues

Supra pubic catheter Drama Continues – In my last blog I told you about the saga of spending time in the A&E department of our local hospital. Finally home after the ordeal, with an Indwelling catheter… I wasn’t very happy as you can well imagine, apart from being in pain I was tired, fed up and hungry […]